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When he does turn it on, the excess hydrogen vents from a small pipe on the roof with the sound of an impolite burp.
It is not impolite to ignore these people, to tell them to go away or to even display anger if they cross the line and touch you.
It may be impolite to not send our thank yous for social occasions, but not employment situations.
Even the word lady when used this way is impolite and inappropriate.
On the phone, much of that would be considered impolite.
No one is so impolite as to ask, but the guests may talk about it later.
So many patrons are on the phone or texting that the banter of a stranger is not valued or an impolite intrusion.
We've even heard that it's impolite to nod at people in some cultures.
There is some impolite, though never shocking, language.
It has some impolite language, threats and comic violence.
He is rarely subtle, often impolite, frequently tendentious and sometimes self-contradictory.
It includes the aforementioned rites and artifacts, as well a fair share of impolite language.
In the darkness of a theater it is not impolite to doze.
The term itself is impolite, invoking images of fat, ash-flecked agents in loud suits.
In the darkness of a theatre it is not impolite to doze.
Not to know a name was both impolite and a sign of sloppiness.
In contrast, in some other cultures, speaking in a direct manner would be seen as overly harsh and impolite.
If someone is rude, refuses to help or is impolite, don't lose your temper.
It is not impolite or rude to tell a salesperson you're not interested.
Don't let yourself hide behind the anonymity of cyberspace and act impolite in a situation where you normally would not.
In some cultures this is considered impolite or rude.

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A letter is an unannounced visit, and the postman is the intermediary of impolite surprises. Every week we ... more
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