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Example sentences for implosion

Some who foresaw the implosion underestimated its power and duration.
None of these attempts survived the dot-com implosion.
Cavitation-bubble implosion-can make pieces of steel look as if they've been pummeled by artillery.
The implosion of the core causes it to rotate rapidly, up to hundreds of times per second.
There is a video of a building whose implosion went wrong, and it stayed up, albeit leaning.
The first stages of a political implosion are equal parts theater, sport, and fantasy.
The inevitable, debt-fueled implosion occurred three years later.
Now he's playing for a ring while his former team deals with the aftermath of its implosion.
But that all changed with the implosion of the two hedge funds this summer.
The belief that such regimes need only a small shock to cause their implosion is probably wishful thinking.
Their implosion is a big reason for the opposition's fragmentation.
But they regard the alternative-the euro's implosion-as worse.
But any is preferable to the implosion of the euro zone.
The implosion will be rescheduled for a future date that at this time is undetermined.
Pin shots evaluate the implosion of devices with a pin dome, a small sphere placed at the center of the implosion region.
They are strongly absorbed, however, by the high-Z inner shell and can greatly affect the implosion characteristics.
He explained his implosion process, and the state and federal engineers were able to ask questions about the event.
The implosion momentum collapses the bubble radius to less than that required for an equilibrium pressure balance.
Residents who live on the blocks adjacent to the building were evacuated early in the morning in preparation for the implosion.
Silo explosion or implosion may result from an improperly sized pressure and vacuum safety relief vent.
The water gun has a low amplitude precursor pulse that is followed by the main implosion which produces a large positive spike.
One of the key requirements for this process is to create sufficient x-ray energy to drive the fuel implosion.
In inertial confinement fusion experiments, implosion symmetry is crucial for successful ignition.
In the implosion region, the radius o f this metal surface is determined by the inner radius of the implosion liner.
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