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It implies the irresistible aromas that make waking up a pleasure.
As the movie implies, the lack of results could be blamed on the lack of a proper experimental design in the first place.
If only global warming were as simple as that term implies.
It's not exactly homesickness, since that implies a longing for the familiar.
The gift is itself a civil act, and implies public deliberation.
It implies a protest against the iniquity of society and the harshness of fate.
Voluntary motherhood also implies the right of marriage without maternity.
If art implies the consideration of their effect upon the public, no letters were ever written with less art.
As his subject has grown more complex, the initial definition is refined into a conceit which implies more, though it says less.
Vigorous implies healthy strength and robustness: a vigorous crusader against drunk driving.
His reading of his subject implies affinity of mind and is altogether sympathetic.
Induction implies the raising of individuals into generals, and these into still higher generalities.
Habit, and this almost implies that some benefit great or small is thus derived, would in all probability suffice for the work.
The rule, and the theory it implies, are hardly less insulting to believers than to infidels.
But no one in the comics industry is really ready for what that magnificence implies.
The sales pitch implies, but does not claim, that it works over the phone.
Friending implies equivalency, a red flag to primates.
Your use of the word always implies that your scooter is rather aged.
In the spirits world, this implies handcrafted care.
Professionalism implies doing your job conscientiously.
All three are mouse lemurs and are as tiny as their name implies.
As its name implies, the seaside site had been a dinosaur hangout more than a hundred million years ago.
But the law also implies a limit to manufacturers' abilities to scale down electronics.
Growth ultimately implies the complete destruction of our planet.
Jarosite, the mineral that points to an acid environment, also implies that the wet times came to a quick end.
As the name implies, these are super thunderstorms with more than their share of potential danger.
Higher inflation implies lower, and thus more stimulative, real interest rates.
But, as that ratio implies, experience also argues that higher taxes should be part of the mix.
All of which implies a somewhat unsatisfactory conclusion.
He suggested that the other term implies that these uncommitted delegates have too much power.
And a lower-than-average dividend yield logically implies that investors expect higher-than-average dividend growth.
For equities, this implies that both earnings and valuations return to trend.
All the same, it implies that so far as health outcomes go, geography probably shouldn't top our list of concerns.
There are good reasons to worry about that trend, quite apart from what it implies about the extent of world poverty.
In their approach, being modern implies not only a lack of traditional beliefs but also a need for free expression.
Good cooking is a complex activity that implies a lot of things.
Theoretically, this implies an infinite kinetic energy, which is impossible.
It implies too much weight to what are often niche groups.
Our shared heritage implies that all cultures share essentially the same potential, drawing on similar reserves of raw genius.
The effort taken to bury and decorate the remains implies the infants or their families were held in high esteem, she notes.
The darkness implies that the universe is not infinitely old, as scientists once thought.
Which strongly implies that the ability to regulate electrolytes is a big reason we're here.
Your question implies that the board sets these things.
In markets where they can't, the lack of inventory implies that these cities aren't a part of the problem anyway.
It implies that a large portion of spending during the holidays was skewed towards sales and bargains.
War in this context implies not only coercion but also social engineering.
Finally, it implies that even with rising divorces, the market for re-marriages is strong.
It implies physical or mental pressure so severe it renders any choice to cooperate moot.
The last sentence implies that it is crucial to rebate payroll tax as well as income tax in order to reach low-income households.
The biggest contribution was from additional housing permits, which implies that the home building activity could be improving.
Anyone who implies otherwise isn't being forthright about the problem or the possible solutions.
Airline talk is not exactly lying, since that implies that someone is deceived.
The sacred position of the fish before the meat course implies one must eat fish and meat.
He implies that this level of figurative ornament is a kind of self-censorship by simile.
He points out that forensic geology is broader than the name implies, because it includes chemistry and physics as well.
It even sounds negative to say that there's no reason not to adore her, because it implies that you've looked for one.
For one thing, neither implies mental imbalance, and our species is fond of epithets and invective implying insanity.
Tells about their performance this year, which is not as commanding as their record implies.
Humor implies the presence of certain good human qualities.
But it implies a departure from the status quo today.
The interest in one implies an interest in the other.
His is the life of programmer-as-rock-star-often spent among real-life rock stars-with the lifestyle that that implies.
Paying off the debt implies the sort of resolve and collective purpose that they lack.
It implies, second, a chamber of cartridges that feed automatically into the breech of a gun.
Being a cult implies some level of artistic failure.
That's because multi-touch technology implies multiple users.
As the name implies, it's an around-the-clock operation.
Your linked graph shows two commodities, food and oil, and implies causation.
Numerous studies show that stock market prices are not random and this implies that they ought to be predictable.
Her thinking implies that all cycles have two peaks but that these often coincide making them difficult to tease apart.
That's any exciting result because it implies a dual origin for our oceans and atmosphere.
Such a model implies that there is a one-to-one mapping between each syllable and the neural circuit that generates it.
Their model implies that optimal overconfidence increases with the magnitude of uncertainty.
It also implies that you'll experience a few more before your time is up.
There is no mining of fuel and the environmental impact this implies.
Also, from a network perspective, streaming implies using bandwidth every time a customer listens to the same tune.
The mathematics implies that bees are doing something with quarks, she says.
The discovery implies that acetylation helps regulate how the body gets its energy.
He implies that there is solid cosmological evidence for dark matter and dark energy, which there is not.
Its similarity to its fully aquatic relatives implies that the push-up motion originally evolved among fish.
To state a risk implies a foretelling, but this predictive power is misleading.
We would also have to abandon free will-because witnessing part of our future history implies some amount of predestination.
It implies strongly that he used the precocious puberty diagnosis as an excuse to prescribe the drug.
It implies that the patient is highly unlikely to recover, but it doesn't rule out the odds of such a recovery.
All the gamma-ray bursts observed so far have been extremely distant, which implies the events are rare.
The relation between architect and client mistakenly implies the likelihood that the client will approve of the results.
All these attempts were frustrated but none, he implies, was fruitless.
A-Jumbo mortgages, as the name implies, are larger than normal and are used to finance today's more expensive homes.
Science implies scientists, who must be accurately taught.

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