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He hinted at corruption and implied it was under some sort of external control, without saying what that meant.
Taking up the implied challenge, he set about photographing clouds.
It was not about serenity and peacefulness, which the usual silky-water picture would have implied.
The giant size of the creature is implied by filling fully half of the top half of the frame with the shell.
Whether that implied a readiness to act, she's not sure.
The birth of a new star implied the variability of the heavens.
The article also implied that serving minority students has a negative impact on graduation and default rates.
The discrepancy between rising tuition costs and penurious endowment payouts makes a lie out of that implied promise.
Of course, that only amounts to an implied criticism.
It will be implied that asking such questions is inappropriate.
Previous studies implied that smokers and coffee drinkers might have a lower risk of developing the condition.
The finding implied that maybe the blue was more intimidating or made blows harder to see coming.
It is implied that there is a logical fallacy here, or an error in the scientific process.
It is not only implied in galactic studies but also in galactic clusters.
Indisputable monitoring is not currently possible, as implied by the panel's findings.
Logic once implied that heavier objects must fall faster than lighter ones.
Unless that isn't what is being implied by the article.
The effective use of implied sub-spaces, seating arrangements, lighting and acoustics was missing.
What seems implied is that there is more to natural order than the objective component.
It's the implied trend of course is what catches our attention here.
In the left column, the recorder should write down where the group discovered the implied or explicitly stated career.
The implied threat of renewed insurrection may be a bluff.
The notion implied that industry had damaged the planet, and should therefore pay for the consequences.
This, of course, implied starvation for those businesses that were not and never would be market leaders.
But he was a much more conscientious president than his personal life implied.
But it has had to cut the price sharply, lopping billions off the company's implied value.
The left graph shows the spread of the implied interest in dollar swap over that of the euro swap.
The symbolism, metaphors and ironies suggested or implied by the author in these adventures remain foggy and largely unexplained.
It's all that starting and stopping for songs, hardly one of which doesn't reprise an earlier sentiment, either stated or implied.
The left red arrow is the location of the shot as implied by the news.
The heat spots implied that, contrary to what people had thought, the vibrissal crypts are fuelled by a strong supply of blood.
Her metaphor implied that astronomers were mightily confused about how the universe had formed.
Maybe what people think is morally wrong, as implied by the forecaster's reaction, is different from what gets under their skin.
Order is implied in the existence of mathematical truths.
It is understood and implied that these things are guesses and could be proven wrong by new information at any moment.
Economists try to figure out an implied dollar value of a human life through a similar back of the envelope approach.
The pathos is all the more powerful for being implied rather than stated.
Every selected character is fully exercised by her, as is implied by the fact of their selection.
As yet there is absolutely no theoretical construction implied in this nomenclature.
The highest embodiment of his own spiritual ideals was in chivalry, and chivalry implied romance.
In what has been said about fiction as a picturing of life, something has already been implied as to the methods involved.
Whoever recommends any moral virtues, really does no more than is implied in the terms themselves.
She implied that her husband was involved in the drug trade.
With a poignancy peculiar to photographic images, the past is captured while its obliteration is strongly implied.
Don't define me by my school, they seemed to be saying, which implied that their school actually could define them.
Setting up the camera implied my request for the world to exteriorize and reveal its nature.
It amounts to a predatory system of obligation, set down in no laws, enforced by implied threat.
There is simply no way that any cultural consequences can be implied by quantum mechanics.
It seemed to cast a slur on the husband and implied that he wasn't capable of keeping you.
There have been instances of impropriety in varnish applications but neither as habitual nor as extensive as implied.
In fact, however, the manual has never stated or implied a preference between talk therapy and pills.
Its findings, and its implied recommendations, ran counter to government policy.
At last, tactics and organizations had emerged to exploit the possibilities implied by advanced technological functions.
In this environment, typical tradeoffs implied by scarcity are relaxed.
He implied that she might even walk off the picture.
Not that that matters, for there were no wiggles-the observations that had implied them were erroneous.
The tone implied that this group considered few human frailties truly gauche, but going to sleep was surely one of them.
These notions were what everyone thought to be implied by the doctrine of the future state.
Indeed, as is implied by the form of the statement above, every overturn furnishes an example.
People seemed proud of the diversity implied in their history as well.
The implied message is that if it has to do with you, or your life, it's important enough to tell someone.
What he left unsaid but clearly implied was that organizations of the second type eventually fail.
About one-fifth of products implied health by showing images of cartoons playing sports.
Innocuous as this may seem, it is the only commandment that comes with an inducement instead of an implied threat.
But it was implied clearly that they did not intend to work for him.
Almost every purchase you make is covered by an implied warranty.
Any limit on an implied warranty's time must be included on the written warranty.
The violence was gruesome and usually implied rather than shown.

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