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But there are more far-reaching societal implications to consider.
When you think that way, you have to always consider the long-run implications of short-term actions.
It became a kind of tautology that had enormously powerful policy implications, in theory.
Understanding what caused the extinction has implications for conservation biology.
Have students discuss the implications of the following quotes.
After students have spent ten or fifteen minutes browsing these sites, discuss the implications of this type of technology.
There's also evidence that our grand transformation of the night might have serious implications for our own health.
His discoveries have implications for microbiology, archaeology-even astrophysics.
The discovery means that many volcanic ash plumes might be electrified, which could have implications for the air-travel industry.
The unprecedented rate of climate change expected in northern regions has profound implications.
But the implications of the shift are hotly debated, both for the future of students' writing and for the college curriculum.
His work focuses specifically on the implications of cognitive research for learning and instruction.
Evolutionary biology's view of intergenerational conflict has major implications for family dynamics but has largely been ignored.
Writing a dissertation not only involves you in learning your topic, but also in learning its implications.
The scope and existential implications of these ideas are immense.
Further, you might think about the implications for your future in the field.
Its resolution could have implications for libraries' ability to share works online, advocates say.
Perhaps more important is the question of implications.
He's been sifting through the implications of those works ever since.
The implications are disheartening enough for a product that pretty much stands for proud individualism.
As he points out, this is an intellectual problem with immense practical implications.
The implications of widespread academic misconduct could be great.
Other equity investors were spooked, too, as they digested the wider implications of the announcement.
Horrified, because of its implications for human nature-which still make sociobiology a controversial discipline.
The difference in speed is tiny, but the implications are huge.
But if it is confirmed, it will have implications for one of the deepest mysteries of the universe-why it is made of matter.
Partly because of the political implications, the war-crimes trials have run into trouble before they have even started.
The political implications of the result are different for each of the main three parties.
The increasing value of land also has unwelcome political implications for farmers.
Worse, there is no discussion with the line manager about implications or follow-through.
Most of the other books on the area concentrate inevitably on the implications of the two countries' economic rise.
More worrying than a shutdown itself would be its implications.
Its misdemeanour was to seek answers to ten questions about his private life and its implications for the country.
If this is borne out by later experiments, it has important implications.
But there is a less obvious answer, too, and one that has implications beyond the football pitch.
They are also more likely to see inflationary implications from rising commodity prices.
Ocean acidification has further chemical implications: more hydrogen ions mean more bicarbonate ions, and fewer carbonate ions.
Their choices will have huge implications for the growth and structure of their economies.
These developments have several positive implications.
Al junior, for his part, says it simply took him months to realize the implications of what he had done.
We scavenged our search results for reports on the screenings, implications of sartorial missteps, and expressions of sisterhood.
He says his work has implications for the way drugs are marketed.
The political implications of the capture heading into a presidential election year were evident.
Discovery has implications for conservation and management of the iconic species.
If so, this would have profound implications for our understanding of life in the universe.
The findings also may have implications for consumers who use pesticides in their homes or yards.
The findings have implications for the understanding of aging and cancer.
Researchers are grappling with the public health implications of the findings.
The results of this study may also have implications for the evolution of other shark species.
The question of free will versus determinism has profound legal and moral implications.
Our typical sedentary lifestyle probably has a wide variety of implications including reducing mental health.
The theoretical implications of this are not widely understood.
Your job was to call down the excess and return the discussion to the data and its implications.
It has practical implications, because a quantum computer is going to be a hybrid system.
It also has a lot bigger implications for the world if we're successful.
If they had known, they would probably not have grasped the implications.
It's one of those simple ideas with big, spreading implications.
She would have preferred to look into an empty mirror, even given the sinister implications.
The implications will be dramatic, and possibly cataclysmic.
But there is no consensus about the broader implications of this scientific approach.
The survey has clear implications for the humanities.
But what really intrigues me are the implications of this process and dynamic for areas of life beyond tangible consumer products.
The high and rising importance of human connectivity has significant implications for the future.
From within, theologians have debated the implications of alien contact for centuries.
The implications of these unexpected results aren't yet clear.
The implications of exoskeletons in the health field go beyond giving paraplegics robotic legs.
Their explanation involved an elegant model with deeply counterintuitive implications.
The implications for military robots potentially are huge.
Scholars are exploring the legal implications of a robot's actions and whether they'll soon need their own lawyers.
The new work also has implications for learning and memory research.
Implications of correlations between skin color and genetic ancestry for biomedical research.
Unfortunately, as pretty as this is, the implications are not so good: the forest in that area is suffering due to all that ash.
In the meantime, the implications of their work are haunting.
Scientists are excited by the implications that the discovery could have for treating patients dealing with anxiety.
Scientists have been stunned by the implications of these findings.
It turned out to have implications for the vacuum as well.
Thanks for making my oblique implications more explicit.
The large number of loci reveals patterns with important implications for genetic studies of common human diseases and traits.
Yet her contention, backed up by research, that motherhood is a burden seldom embraced unconditionally has profound implications.
Study of the great white shark has broader implications, too.
It also has broader implications for cancer biology.
And it clearly has implications for the study of other complex structures that ants create, such as their nests.
The implications for monitors and hand-held devices is obvious.
More and more often, programmers kick off threads to keep dialogs awake but never look at the implications.
That's going to have big implications for all kinds of measurements.
Whereas the work conveys enormous implications, conclusions at this time might be considered hasty.
Moral implications and their social ramifications are inherent in any scientific endeavor.
If this phenomenon is widespread, it holds significant implications for medicine.
The implications for developer time and resources are profound.
Now, this is still interesting and may have significant implications for the quantum systems being studied.
The implications are enormous and, for many, unbelievable.
That, together with its wide-ranging implications, is in fact what has made it exciting and fruitful.
The implications of such surveillance have already been made clear in other countries.
The implications of these differences for vaccine development remain uncertain.
But the implications for the regime's long-term prospects are less clear.
We are thus more directly confronted with the ethical implications of our choices.

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