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Example sentences for impetus

The games have added impetus to a number of policies and projects, likely boosting odds for the bag ban's implementation.
Exports have provided the primary impetus for industrialization.
These issues disclose an important fact: science has been stymied by a major impetus.
In the forties and fifties a lot of the impetus behind the organizing on behalf of social equality was catalyzed by unions.
Already, with the impetus of health reform, local leaders are discovering that they actually can innovate.
With gasoline being such a good energy carrier, and relatively cheap, there wasn't much impetus to develop the alternatives.
But its real impetus seems to be fears on the right about the country's minority populations.
There should be enough impetus to curb emissions even without the bears dying.
Their unique behavior and amazing abilities are the impetus for fascinating research.
Fear of environmental contamination as the result of nuclear fallout was the original impetus for pushing a test-ban treaty.
Some impetus for change is coming from the top down.
What is striking is how this effort continued so naturally after the initial impetus was removed.
That's the impetus for the next chapter in the story.
The impetus for all that extra work is, of course, money.
When news of this seeped out, the reaction gave impetus to a surge of opposition that swept the government from power.
In the absence of statesmanship, the chances are that only a crisis in the bond markets will provide the necessary impetus.
However, the political impetus behind renewable energy is growing and space is limited at ground level.
And without party cells, there was little impetus to form unions.
There are few signs of any impetus to growth anywhere.
The impetus for the former is based primarily on a moral argument that social equality is based on economic equality.
It has been around for some time but has been given added impetus by the global economic crisis.
Creating more time is the impetus behind many new technologies that allow listeners to pick up the pace.
His conducting was spacious too, though perhaps lacking something in tension and impetus.
Over all, though, the impetus of each of the three movements proves irresistible.
German exports are growing fast and will receive further impetus from a weak euro.
Military usage continued to be an impetus for the development of railroad technology.

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