imperialist in a sentence

Example sentences for imperialist

For each vessel, the book listed an imperialist collector.
His view of evolution would matter if he was running for your local school board or if he was an imperialist neo-con.
It's difficult to be an imperialist if it takes multiple lifetimes to get to your new posting.
Humanitarian intervention is not an imperialist ploy.
Both outfits were now reviled as imperialist stooges.
Even for them eventually, when they are damned as imperialist-exploiters along with the rest of us.
Capitalism came into being as an anti-imperialist measure.
And the world literally cannot manage any more repeats of imperialist, colonialist, self-centrist ideologies.
The story merges gender politics and imperialist practice into an ideologically meaty whole.
Diverse societies faced significant transition, on a stage set by imperialist and nationalist struggles.

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Why is it that many contemporary male thinkers, especially men of color, repudiate the imperialist legacy o... more
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