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His thinking is a weird concoction of pre-nuclear age imperialism projected into the present and future.
In a sense, the developed countries are exercising cultural imperialism.
Imperialism did not allay criticism of the existing order.
The old imperialism-exploitation for foreign profit-has no place in our plans.
Every national tongue, if proposed as a lingua franca, has the faint stench of imperialism.
Some unimaginative sorts have described this as cultural imperialism.
That's ruthlessness, that's true mean ole style imperialism.
Imperialism has always depended as much on ignorance as it has nationalism and military power.
But this is not, if you were tempted, a comment on the deadly hand of cultural imperialism.
They can be categorized as militarism, alliances, imperialism and nationalism.
Imperialism hardly ever brings peace to those on the receiving end.
Not forget it was supported by huge wealth they got thru industry revolution as well as imperialism.
One historicizes height as convention and metaphor, a symbol of dominance or otherness, a relic of imperialism and nativism.
Some of us apply that imperialism domestically others apply imperialism internationally.
It's rather stirring to see these countries fighting their way out of the long shadow of imperialism.
To many observers, these restrictions reek of imperialism and hypocrisy.
Where they've failed, they have incurred resentment and charges of imperialism.
The future, then, would seem to be a race between democracy and imperialism.
He is not sparing on the evil legacies of imperialism, when he gets around to them.
Compare and contrast the positive and negative effects of imperialism on native peoples.

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Exploitation and oppression is not a matter of race. It is the system, the apparatus of world-wide brigandage called more
Their Europeanism is nothing but imperialism with an inferiority complex.... more
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