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It's gotten harder than ever to find an imperfect heroine in a series who is actually flawed.
They're arguing that a perfect machine would be imperfect.
History is a tissue of such tender episodes, if also an imperfect record of them.
Sitting atop the narrow shelf above the sink, imperfect teacups make good holders for air plants.
That's good, because anonymity remains essential in these imperfect times.
It's true, of course, that the parallels are imperfect.
To say it was imperfect though understates his error on that one.
Yet an imperfect system can also increase traffic congestion caused by circling for on-street parking.
It is true that atmospheric science is complex and climate models are imperfect.
Insurgent-initiated attacks are an imperfect measurement how the insurgency's doing.
Yes, this is an imperfect way of evaluating candidates.
Gliding distance is an imperfect measure of an airliner's aerodynamic efficiency, since it is not designed for gliding.
Imperfect weather forecasts cause construction companies to lose both time and money.
The problem with natural gas is that it is an imperfect solution.
All the pieces fit together, even the imperfect ones.
But share prices are also imperfect gauges of bank performance.
Scientists are particularly intrigued by imperfect mimicry, where one organism only vaguely resembles another.
But the research tools at scientists' disposal are highly imperfect.
It doesn't work nearly as well as our imperfect system.
Moreover, an imperfect system is intrinsically destabilizing, because it encourages building and launching more weapons.
Citation counts are imperfect measure of success but still useful.
Using this imperfect measure, migration has slowed dramatically.
What that means is that our present market is incomplete and imperfect.
Tenure has proved to be an imperfect shield, notwithstanding what administrations profess to guarantee.
His macroeconomic stewardship was probably imperfect.
Which makes it an imperfect screener for militants, at best.
It's an imperfect world and it is terribly simplistic to says that plastics are bad.
But imperfect memories alone, of course, do not guarantee anyone is always striving to be deception-free.
The glitch is the requirement of conviction based on imperfect perceptions and incomplete knowledge.
There are only thousands of variously imperfect postures, and various chairs that limit the destruction, more or less.
There is reason to believe that the report of new cases is imperfect.
The strapless bra is an imperfect design, but today there's an avalanche of new products to help hold things in place.
It is perfect because it is wholly and forever imperfect.
The market for chief executives is deplorably imperfect.
However imperfect in practice, deterring aggression and crimes against humanity must remain the primary goal.
The problem is that every indicator of academic ability used by college admission officers is imperfect.
What matters is to know whether, in practice, imperfect markets work better than imperfect governments.
The world is an imperfect place and one big life decision does foreclose on many other opportunities.
What people tell pollsters is an imperfect guide to what they think.
And students could evaluate that, even if in imperfect ways.
And yet, at the end of the day, this whole system relies on imperfect people.
On the peripheries, foreign academics were keenly aware that theirs was an imperfect science.
The report found a close, but imperfect, link between major and occupation.
It ends on each side in an imperfect ring, which encloses the commencement of the bronchus.
It may be noticed that a strong inclination toward art is often enkindled by such quite imperfect reproductions.
Yet these imperfect elements are tangled in a fine net of charm.
Perhaps normal imperfect human being simply preferred the company of other normal imperfect human beings.
It was a courageous sentiment from someone working in a profoundly imperfect system.
Chance and probability are human tools for imperfect human beings.
Information will always be limited, imperfect, and possibly wrong.
Human bodies are imperfect machines in which a range of biology can take place.
But this approach yields small, imperfect flakes that are useless for many practical applications.
Moving time backward may actually serve us well, by letting us cope with an imperfect nervous system.
The technology is intriguing if imperfect, and it should appeal to well-heeled early adopters.
Your long-distance relationship will be stronger for being able to handle each other's real, imperfect selves.
The list is imperfect but useful, often calling attention to sights neglected by guidebooks.
The program is imperfect but the equivalent of a night club opening up the red velvet rope as you approach.
Even the pharmaceutical industry's best products are imperfect, working in only half-or fewer-patients.
But evolution is a clumsy, imperfect, ongoing process.
But every great type design can be second-guessed, because it is the work of an idiosyncratic and imperfect human being.
Globalization, however imperfect, does often work for the poor.
In their imperfect way, democracies are able to give voice to the social costs of dirt and danger.
Absolutely because the same imperfect people who participate in markets also run governments.
The reform is imperfect: there is still no selective entry for undergraduates.
The act of duplication was so labour-intensive and imperfect that it was tolerated.
We are damned to look for imperfect improvements, with patience and caution.
Perhaps the decision makers are systematically imperfect maximizers.
As a result, all species inhabit bodies imperfect for the lives they live.
In the past, our government has sometimes done an imperfect job of upholding those ideals.
The deleterious effects of an imperfect transmission line become more noticeable at higher signal frequencies.
Add that to an even imperfect vaccine and you get closer and closer to the moment when today's plague becomes yesterday's memory.
Team production is imperfect, whether the product is a manufactured good or a corporate decision.
Thus, the loops with imperfect integration have an advantage.

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