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But the imperative to stop global warming-the biggest reason for the backlash-reaches only so far.
The access people give to their lives is precious as well as imperative for this important work to get done.
Runnels of spindrift avalanches began to pour down the face around us, and it became imperative to seek some kind of shelter.
It is imperative for an adopter of a puppy mill dog to exercise patience and understanding.
It is imperative that people understand and believe the science: rhino horns are not medicine and have no magical power.
Their environmental cause is driven by a spiritual imperative.
Advance became imperative under the goad of fear and suffering.
It was an important suit, and great accuracy was imperative.
She was growing old, and she felt that she had closer and more imperative duties with her own family.
If profligacy has been their social imperative, its moral corollary is unflinching tolerance.
Before introducing such a device into commercial use, it will be imperative to seriously investigate all the ramifications.
In the world of microchips, precision and perfection have always been imperative.
He will then suggest ways ways your firm can organize to embrace the innovation and corporate venturing imperative better.
But technologies don't take hold because they're cool: they need a business imperative.
Yet scientists and policymakers agree that more regulation is imperative.
Economic training and risk management is imperative.
When doing research, it is imperative to have peers review your work.
But he's right in one thing: biology is not a moral imperative.
It is their moral duty under the ethical imperative that they themselves claim to be operating under.
So it becomes imperative for the financial system to keep increasing demand.
One need not be smart and sane to be wealthy but it's nearly an imperative to be wealthy to enter politics.
It is rationally imperative to accept that truth must be revealed by the actions and properties of that which is studied.
Certainty in science is imperative in order to provoke political action.
Bureaucrats still snooze atop mountains of public data, with no political imperative to release it.
The new imperative is to deliver precisely what audiences want, when and where they want it.
Again, it's a double imperative, and also a market opportunity.
Our culture is at the point, it seems, where the commitment to space travel is an imperative.
While caution must be exercised in drawing broad conclusions from limited evidence, further investigation is a timely imperative.
Containing health care costs seems to me to be a moral imperative.
But making sure that people who want to work can actually find jobs is a moral imperative.
Metaphor is poetry's and fiction's great imperative, the engine of radical imagination.
The prime ethical imperative for the meritocrat is self-fulfillment.
The overriding imperative is to lose no opportunity, no matter how small, to make a sale.
Improving access to top-flight education for everyone in this country is a national imperative.
It is imperative to determine beforehand whether or not a given community guarantees on-site access to a particular program.
Either way, for my values, there is a moral imperative to answer this question.
There is no longer an imperative to squeeze the world into small, self-contained boxes.
National leaders must help to mobilize citizens by articulating a sense of moral imperative.
Consequently, the optimistic economic scenario was driven by a cultural imperative.
Following through on those recommendations and continuing the discussion will be imperative.
Learning to adapt to climate change is an imperative.
The pace of implementing these programs has not followed the strong policy imperative set by lawmakers.
Registering empathy would probably stand in the way of this imperative.
We knew the imperative was to keep oil off the precious shoreline.
Thus follows the second imperative of distributed energy: to maximize the utility of every bit of energy.
It is imperative to know what is the origin of anxiety to effectively treat anxiety.
The result is that imperative, increased reproduction with preferred mates, which drives us phenotypes.
And it is imperative to check more than one source to secure reliable information.
He says that it is within his evolutionary imperative.
Improvement in animal health may be laudable, but it is even more an economic imperative.
We were spared because of the biological imperative.
The exercise was a nation-building imperative, but it got off to a bad start.
Most forgeries are driven by a commercial imperative, especially when the market for ancient maps is booming, as it is now.
It argued that the need to protect civilians was an overwhelming moral imperative.
In a time of increasing performance pressure, this opportunity is rapidly becoming an imperative.
With nerves so frayed, further government action looks imperative.
The truly responsible business never loses sight of the commercial imperative.
When you go camping, it is absolutely imperative to have all the things you will need for your entire trip.
Additionally, looking for factory colors and paint details is imperative.
It's not imperative that the logs be the exact same size, but try to get two the same height, for a more even cooking surface.
We do not say must dispose of it, because there is nothing imperative in the case.
The heat has been tamed in some of the new dishes, but weaving milder dishes into the meal is imperative.
No longer can a writer consider that the imperative task is to bring the news to the outside world.
We had seen the general acquiescence in whatever was presented as imperative by the administration.
But the commercial imperative was bound to win in the end, people being so wedded to short-term gratification.
For all the sharp camera angles, and bombastic explosives, there is only one imperative: get the best shot.
There are now few families living this blood story, this blood imperative.
Still, it was imperative that she find some talent within herself.
It seemed an ethical imperative to confront the transformation of everyday life.
Even in online courses, it's imperative students have the ability to see the instructor.
It is absolutely imperative for community college executive administrations to acknowledge this need and to staff appropriately.
There are personal reasons for this imperative that transcend all professional satisfaction or arrogance.
The categorical imperative, the formula of the moral law for humans, is a stance of self-judgment.
If you have a new president or chancellor, this becomes their territorial imperative to resist change.
But at the core of it are the exorcism prayers themselves, which are composed of the imperative and the depreciatory.
No moral imperative ever comes without complications there.
As their multinational clients expand into developing countries, they are finding it imperative to follow.
For me it's absolutely imperative to take care of myself.
To stand out from the crowd, novelty is an imperative.
But it's imperative to make the process fair and predictable.
For one thing, it's imperative that you keep up on new developments.
It is imperative that you and your partner are each other's best friend.
Finally, if you buy an extended warranty, it's imperative that you keep the paperwork.

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