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Example sentences for impediment

He rightly identified air resistance as the largest impediment and energy cost in high speed transportation.
Any look at how kids have adapted to social networking and technology will tell you that gaming isn't an impediment to learning.
Taking this job would have been a impediment to your goals.
Scarcity of resources is not an impediment but an enabler for frugal innovation.
Another impediment is the unnecessarily rigid restriction on speed.
But the biggest impediment may simply be a lack of quality control.
Bribery of local officials combined with the lack of financial resources and national political will are the main impediment.
At the moment, he says, the key impediment to such progress is the continuing presence of the names.
Once there, they acted as an impediment to future sales and often had to be dumped later at low prices.
For a romantic comedy to work, there needs to be some impediment to the two leads getting together.
Perhaps others find the desk an unnecessary impediment to relaxed staff-guest relations.
Platform fragmentation remains yet another impediment to e-textbook adoption.
Of course, intellectual fashion can be a stimulus rather than an impediment to learning.
Politics, as an impediment to effective regulation, is not mentioned.
Even she noticed the impediment to her forward motion.
And no one found holding it an impediment to other activities.
Widespread ignorance of the syndrome is another diagnostic impediment.

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