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Floating row cover is a lightweight cloth that is laid on top of crops to impede pests.
Sunspots are visible because the bundled field lines impede the flow of convection.
Too often, however, longstanding suspicions on both sides of the relationship impede constructive collaboration.
It's the structures of our world that impede this process, structures that could be organized differently.
Despite their good intentions, affirmative action laws impede progress.
Prose speeds the eye onwards, while poems resist-and purposely impede- that forward movement.
He believed that regulation would only impede these markets, and that they should continue to be self-regulated.
Sitting would impede flow, using muscles promotes it.
Opinions that might impede medical research aimed at improving human health and welfare do not deserve consideration.
But such is no major deterrent to me, though it does impede my attempts to publish in conventional literature, for example.
Is it possible that he was simply trying to impede the efforts of his non-scientific adversaries.
Many inequalities that impede learning are remediable, were there a will to do so.
Yet, huge global risks threaten to impede the pace of innovation.
Another is the addition of chemicals called sterols to margarines to impede the absorption of cholesterol.
Money is pouring into the country, yet little goes into fixing long-term problems that impede growth.
First, it should not impede the recovery through additional taxes or expenditure cuts.
Ideological battles between free-marketeers and left-wingers threaten to impede reform.
There's not much that can be done about outstanding liabilities, and cuts to discretionary spending will probably impede recovery.
It is also possible for it to boost growth at one stage of development and impede it at another.
Pervasive corruption and creaky infrastructure will impede progress.
We have a choice to punish and to impede or to adopt regulatory policies that continue to foster innovation.
Nobody is willing to address the climatic impacts of actually trying to impede global warming.
Their cancerous corruptions impede on their means to increase material power.
Several obstacles can impede your efforts, such as spikes or bubbles that send candy afloat.
All these independent systems with differing specifications impede innovation and also raise costs.
Streets and sidewalks are generally viewed as public areas open to all, as long as you don't impede traffic.
Liquid sodium is an ideal coolant in that, unlike water, it does not impede the movement of fast neutrons.
But he thinks that physics will impede quantum computation.
They will impede migrating whales and cause untold damage to the ocean floor.
Blanket bans can impede progress and encourage unethical practices.
There are a handful of technical issues that impede my enjoyment.
Your basic argument seems to be that civility is merely a tactic used by the powerful to impede social progress.
He want's to stay out of your life and personal decisions, not impede on them.
So they constructed a system that would impede the corruption.
Sanctions designed to prevent the proliferation of weapons impede their use.
Some homes are in coverage shadows or have thick apartment walls that impede transmissions.
The conductor's atoms impede the flow, causing power to dissipate as heat.
Another worry is that the implants might impede early detection of cancer.
Technical and financial problems in the power sector also impede industrial development.
There are additional difficulties that impede our progress.
We have no thought to impede the paths to closer relationship.
Technical and financial problems in the power sector also impede industrial development, and deter foreign investment.
In my district, teacher schedules are staggered, in this way it does not impede a longer student day.
Waiver of adjustment or recovery-impede administration.

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