impatiently in a sentence

Example sentences for impatiently

The gunmetal-gray launches are revving their engines impatiently, itching to begin their nightly chase after smugglers.
Climbers ready their gear impatiently, eager to get to the rock faces.
Mid-level professors sit down impatiently, drumming fingers, eager to get back to their labs or libraries.
You're outside the airport now, waiting impatiently for a cab along with dozens of other people.
Meanwhile up above, an onlooker waits, scuffing his feet impatiently and swinging his trunk from side to side.
Property companies are now impatiently awaiting the result of his wide consultation.
After he left, the friends waited impatiently for the transcription to arrive.
All was agreed on, and they waited impatiently for the sun to go down beneath the waters and night to rise up from them.
The unknown rang again, waited and suddenly tugged violently and impatiently at the handle of the door.
Then he lifted one hand and struck his brow impatiently.
Publicists looked at me impatiently, but that was it.
She sits impatiently, tragically beautiful, forever fractured.
In the meantime his old friends wait impatiently back home, fingers itching to press the remote.
But if our way of reading is to wait impatiently for that moment we'll have experienced nothing.
The people were pushing against the gate impatiently.
Surviving letters reveal how impatiently the emperor awaited the delivery of new kinds of animals.
He flips the pages impatiently-he doesn't recognize half the names.

Famous quotes containing the word impatiently

You should be alerte, adroit, vif; be wanted, talked of, impatiently expected, and unwillingly parted with ... more
There is nothing that people bear more impatiently, or forgive less, than contempt: and an injury is much s... more
... whenever Odette told a stupid story, Swann listened to his wife with a compliance, a gaiety, almost an admiration wh... more
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