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Example sentences for impartial

Was the judging fair and impartial- undoubtedly it probably was.
Unbiased and impartial will not do the work that disinterested used to be reserved for.
There ought to be a fair and impartial probe into this matter.
We will follow that up with a discussion among a panel of twelve randomly selected citizens and an impartial moderator.
Thank goodness this was a completely impartial non-political panel.
Once you step out of it and can view it with impartial eyes, you may see the big picture.
These academics aren't interested in impartial discussions.
Here you could deflect ironies toward an impartial audience.
It has been clean-cut and impartial, divorced from all attempts to make it serve the selfish interests of particular nations.
In cases where a conflict between partial and impartial commitments arises, the former should be jettisoned.
If you're requiring that scientists as individuals be impartial, then you fundamentally misunderstand the scientific endeavor.
Science is merely an impartial study of the natural processes in the world around us.
Impartial vigor and example are the best means of governing.
They have had an impartial trial and have been permitted to make their defense.
It is obvious that this ego is neither a reliable nor an impartial authority.
First of all, a hostess must show each of her guests equal and impartial attention.
He's right, but ultimately, the world needs an impartial referee to call a pandemic a pandemic.
The fund is supposed to be an impartial arbiter of good economic policy.
It claims to be an impartial peacekeeper, but it has strong vested interests.
Some claim that the city is not always impartial in its allocation of projects.
In the same way, an impartial observer might conclude, humans have become symbiotically intertwined with their machines.
He certainly presents it as an impartial search for truth.
Carter argued that such evasions are necessary to preserve the nominee's ability to be impartial down the line.
Some think of the word as a synonym for impartial or neutral, but that's not it.
Otherwise, the paper demonstrates vividly that it is more interested in partisanship than an impartial thirst for the news.
Impartial means that the jurors must not have already made up their minds about the outcome of the case.

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