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Speech and language impairment may be any of several problems that make it difficult to communicate.
And none of the patients involved has experienced noticeable cognitive impairment as a result of the operation.
Taste impairment means there is a problem with your sense of taste.
So far this advice has proven right, with big discrepancies in impairment levels between countries.
Amazing to me that the ability for independent thinking should be described as an impairment.
But now, new research shows, many patients on dialysis have severe mental impairment.
Most go under a general heading of neurological because they reflect some impairment of overall function.
And, as noted up there, over intake of alcohol might result in cognitive impairment.
Some health-care workers were worried this might alarm patients suffering from mental impairment.
Doctors with mild cognitive impairment may not be aware they have a problem or their performance is flagging.
They all had one thing in common when the study commenced: no signs of cognitive impairment.
Mental impairment is a common event in advanced cirrhosis.
Hearing impairment can interfere with language development even before children move through the babbling stage.
Attention is not the only cognitive impairment produced by inadequate sleep.
This, they argue, is the direct cause of memory impairment.
The symptoms of cognitive impairment and disordered thinking may occur before other symptoms of schizophrenia.
Many people with hearing problems have found hearing aids to be almost as frustrating as the impairment itself.
They say the device seeks to measure the degree of a driver's impairment rather than the volume of drugs taken.
Yeah, this is no more ridiculous than any other physical impairment.
The problem is acute for people with vision impairment.
Precisely moving a cursor with a mouse is difficult if your hand shakes because of motor impairment.
Impairment is found almost as often in children who grew up being read to as in those who grew up without a book in sight.
Aphasia is a language impairment secondary to stroke or head trauma.
The results of such a policy are known: the growth of national enmity, the impairment of mutual confidence.
The condition is typically diagnosed after symptoms of mild cognitive impairment arise.
Then you have to consider that bank capital impairment.
The ineffable plays a key role in human recovery from any neurological impairment.
Damage to the temporal region of the cerebral cortex often leads to impairment in memory and use of language.
It is a lifelong impairment, but often responds to treatment, especially when help is offered early.
But those who have never suffered impairment of sight or hearing seldom make the fullest use of these blessed faculties.
People are dying from them again, and others are being left with permanent health impairment.
For many people, it's a matter of vision impairment-even if that impairment is severe.
With this, the driver still can see the road, which removes that visibility impairment.
My own father suffered a marked impairment in brain function following open heart surgery.
Impairment to the level of human skin cannot be ignored.
Instead he wants to show that blindness is a difference rather than an insurmountable impairment.
The side-effects range from sterility to delayed maturation to cognitive impairment.
Lovastatin can cause severe muscle problems leading to kidney impairment.
Participants also exhibited impairment on a hippocampus-based recognition memory task.
For early disease with little or no impairment, active treatment with medications may not be necessary.
It may also be considered for other children who are experiencing impairment from their asthma.
Major tranquilizers have long been suspected of causing cognitive deficits and impairment in intellectual functioning.
Changes in brain volume are not necessarily indicative of cognitive impairment, he adds.
The discovery represents the earliest case of severe masticatory impairment in the fossil record yet found, the researchers say.
If one is able to make it through a busy city, with noise and traffic then criteria for impairment are probably not fulfilled.
Formula is junk food for babies, linked to immunological and intellectual impairment.
These are not simply weak willed people: they suffer a physical impairment in the processing of their brains.
Change relates to function or impairment to function and stabilized through usage.
With marijuana, experts are divided when it comes to the point of impairment to the point of endangering others.
Although he may have some physical impairment, he will have full use of his mental faculties.
He wasn't killed, but he did suffer permanent impairment.
Nursing management of hearing impairment in nursing facility residents.
In addition, it's not easy to know where normal forgetfulness ends and clinically significant impairment begins.
Methamphetamine is widely believed to cause brain damage and cognitive impairment in users.
Some firms demand that experienced workers undergo such tests when the danger of impairment is simply too great to chance.
And that could delegitimize what is, for many, a serious impairment.
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