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Foot problems can also impair balance and function in this age group.
Alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine impair decision-making skills.
But this cannot impair respect for his broader judgment: historians will always be arguing.
Low levels can impair physical and mental development.
Interestingly, such a disruption does not impair memory for facts and events that have already been consolidated.
There was no evidence that he had suffered any medical or environmental insults that would impair his immunity.
In humans, this could explain why sleep deprivation can impair judgment.
Most people would want to edit memories that impair them.
Low oxygen levels also can impair mental function and short-term memory.
Unfortunately, that energy must be imported at great expense or produced locally, which can impair an area's desirability.
Thyroid problems in children can delay or impair neurological development.
Various prescribed medicines can impair driving abilities as much as long life history.
The opening in his throat to ease his breathing should not necessarily impair his ability to work, the doctors said.
Rivalry can be highly motivating, but it can also impair people's judgment and bias their recall of events.
They also may be loud, and noise travels farther and faster underwater and could impair wildlife.
Space officials are concerned that the loss of any more might impair the operation of the spacecraft.
Her best argument, by far, is that free trade can impair development.
Under some conditions, however, estrogens have no effect or can even impair performance in rats.
In children, the symptoms can impair social development and interfere with learning.
Their behavior often causes major financial problems that impair their personal and professional relationships.
It can impair reproductive health and cause high blood pressure.
Simply put, psychiatric illness rarely confers creativity and treatment would not impair it.
Research confirms that a bad mood can impair your ability to work, and it can spread to others around you.
The unremitting sweaty, sticky, airless journeys to matches every day hundreds of kilometers apart might impair my view.
Dry- cleaning won't impair its year-long protection.
Many of these toxins are endocrine disruptors, which can impair reproduction by mimicking or changing hormonal activity.
Many doubts have arisen in me, which seem not a little to impair the canonical aspect of the piece as you would have it viewed.
Unlike smoking, or excessive gambling and drinking, eating junk food does not directly impair the well-being of anyone else.
One of the malign effects of financial crises is that they impair productive capacity, but estimates of the damage vary widely.
Nothing could be undertaken that might impair the yellow luster of her ring.
When inhaled, it can cause fatigue and drowsiness and can impair blood coagulation.
Worrying about either of these could impair your mood.
Damage to the liver can impair these and many other processes.
Excessive drinking can further impair brain function and result in neurological disorders, but the message is loud and clear.
But if you own, and the changes make your property harder to sell at the same time as they impair your enjoyment.
Finally, a government-controlled system would likely impair the medically and economically important genomic sector.
Such an outcome could significantly impair the normal course of commerce.
But this riot of fantasy, this coinage of a disordered brain, did not impair the exercise of a shrewd wit.
If so, some researchers have reasoned, they could also impair fertility.
Drinking too much alcohol can impair decision-making.
Antidrug advocates have warned for decades that drugs impair not only users' health but also their work.
The chemotherapy can impair their ability to focus and think clearly.
In high doses, dioxins can disrupt fetal development and impair reproductive function-and dioxins are everywhere.

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Dark night, that from the eye his function takes, The ear more quick of apprehension makes; Wherein it doth impair... more
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