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Example sentences for impacted

In severely impacted communities, one of two scenarios is likely to prevail.
Predictably, the tourist boom has impacted the area.
All children are impacted by their parents' behavior throughout their lives.
She is doing what is best for her home life, which is greatly impacted due to her job.
It's been a cliché that sports are too ingrained in the culture to be impacted by a recession.
Despite being controlled by the government, their operations are not expected to be impacted.
Public-affairs staff for the base didn't say what kind of rocket impacted the base.
Calling in an airstrike now requires layer after layer of approval and all kinds of evidence that civilians won't be impacted.
Something that has truly impacted my life recently is the need for organ donors.
Everyone knows that food and grain prices are impacted by a large number of variables, including the price of fossil fuels.
Increasingly, decision-making processes will solicit or even depend on input from those impacted by the decisions.
Also impacted will be how the brands are perceived externally in the market and internally by their own people.
In the end, the snow was an external factor that unfairly impacted the otherwise impeccable decision making.
And financially compensate individuals and businesses negatively impacted by the spill, out of his own galactic-sized piggy bank.
Both actions would have crippled his ability to do his job well and would have deeply impacted his re-election chances.
Chavez knew that illegal aliens impacted wages and drove them down.
We both share, and differ, on other normative values that may be impacted by our different views on this one topic.
Much of this impacted housing as evidenced by the run up in prices, but also other areas, such as revolving credit.
It clearly impacted the positive energy that the team needs to be successful.
Panel identifies species impacted by climate change.
The landscape here tends to be more rugged than the rolling plains and hills of the glacier-impacted country.
The next step is getting this information processed and back out to those communities impacted by unhealthy air.
The range of conditions would have impacted the microorganisms present.
The scientists suggest that the craft either was impacted by an object or had a problem with the engine nozzle.
We did not find isotopic evidence that a global ice sheet impacted overall marine productivity.
If nothing impacted ozone distribution it should be even across the entire planet.
Everything is managed because everything is impacted by humans.
And therefore the impact from the high material costs of the past few years impacted the cost of the power plant.
When applied to steel, the polymer spreads out the shock of an explosion and helps prevent impacted material from shattering.
Nevertheless, their movements impacted how they related with microbes.
It seems human,chimp and other ape populations would have been similarly impacted by such an eruption.
The goal of the research was to find out how implementing the checklist impacted the number of surgery complications and deaths.
Even if it turns out that physics and chemistry are lies, your day to day life does not have to be heavily impacted.
Production is rarely impacted in the medium to long term in any country.
So the authors wanted to see how the dopamine impacted crawling.
The fear of the disease and the reality of loss after loss, of course, impacted everyone who was touched by this modern plague.
As students may already know, geographical factors have impacted the course of history in many ways.
Continue the discussion by asking students to consider new technologies and how the trade of technology has impacted the world.
The loss of habitat due to drought and human-introduced animal grazing have also negatively impacted the frog populations.
The entry should include descriptions of how the terrain and the climate impacted their endeavors.
Ask students to describe how the tiger sharks have impacted the ecosystem.
But high-tech companies in southern areas were impacted by a slowdown early in the new century.
Marine organisms have adapted to living in a variety of aquatic ecosystems that are impacted by natural and human-related changes.
Changing the excitability of neurons there, the team found, impacted how strong people's synesthetic experiences were.
These results could have a sizable impact on the economy, a third of which is impacted by weather forecasting.
Twice for leg surgery, once for the removal of some impacted molars.
And it's especially important to remember that the plants and animals immediately impacted are not isolated in a closed system.
They only have one body to be impacted by an unhealthy addiction.
Send your ideas for essays on how race has impacted your life.
It can be years before their ability to perform well is severely impacted.
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