impact crater in a sentence

Example sentences for impact crater

His discovery of coesite, which became a standard sign of an impact crater, sealed the debate.
It is the largest impact crater in the entire solar system.
If the spot indeed proves to mark an impact crater, astronomers could be afforded a peek into the dwarf planet's interior.
Also, it'd be smooth if anything else crashed into it, the smooth part of the asteroid might be an impact crater of some sort.
The small dome is now clearly a tiny meteorite impact crater.
The pictures seem to show evidence of a pretty large explosion and no impact crater.
The scarps on the upper right and down along the right edge are likely the rim of the impact crater.
The landslide is less than three years old, and a new impact crater near the top appears to be the culprit.
Still, the arrows mark the outline of the impact crater rim.
And it doesn't remotely resemble any sort of impact crater.
No evidence of an impact crater or high temperatures created when they struck the surface.
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