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These products reduce the impact of logging by blending plastic with wood fiber.
None of these species are listed as endangered, but no one knows the potential impact from thousands of deaths each year.
These far-reaching effects illustrate the profound impact air pollution can have on the land.
It is not clear whether there is any such thing as global warming and what if any its impact is on this region.
We as humans have had an enormous impact by influencing natural selection.
But decades and even centuries later, the impact of his words would be distinctly felt throughout society.
Since the trend is often thought of as a private matter, you argue that its impact on civic life and politics is overlooked.
Many scientists believe the impact killed the dinosaurs.
Scientists believe that the impact of an asteroid only a mile wide would be globally catastrophic.
The choices you make everyday can have a big impact on our ocean.
Beaches worldwide bear witness to the ugly impact of plastic debris on our oceans.
But even small changes in temperature or precipitation could drastically impact plants and animals living in the desert.
Health care options vary by state, making it difficult to gauge the proposals' impact on various groups.
How to respond to people who doubt the human impact on the climate.
Any sudden impact causes the brain to accelerate against the skull, a movement called a coup.
However, the true impact of a more significant contributor is often overlooked.
Epidemiologists find molecular clues to air pollution's impact on youngsters.
The last impact is then the last straw for an already compromised brain.
It's still fascinating to see how much impact it has.
And numerous studies have shown that this genetic testing technique has little impact on the survival rate of embryos.
The impact was felt on the charts but not to this degree.
And making it to the regional finals means your idea has the both the marketability and potential impact to change the world.
Various studies performed to evaluate the economic impact of global warming have reached different conclusions.
Piracy doesn't have a clear impact on every economic measurement related to global maritime shipping.
The economic impact of these disasters was not as great as might be expected.
However, there are growing concerns about the impact of these policies on the public finances.
The magnitude of the impact on growth rates is difficult to discern as the pandemic is still gathering steam.
However, the budget balance is set to deteriorate, while growth could halve because of the impact of the global economic slowdown.
Oil-producing countries benefit from higher crude prices so the impact on global demand depends how their extra income is spent.
In our estimates, the level of income inequality had no impact on levels of life satisfaction.
Not really gaming the impact factor with the rejection rate.
The extra citations artificially inflate a journal's impact and prestige.
Let's bracket the truth of those contentions and instead examine the rhetorical impact of them.
One area of my research is the chemistry and impact of oil spills in the sea.
Rather, proposed federal and state policies could have a disproportionate impact on his students.
The impact from a psychological perspective hasn't really changed.
Immigrants have little impact on unemployment and wages, but a strong impact on housing prices.
My goal is to use photography to do the kind of high-impact journalism readers have come to expect on other pages of this site.
The impact of these new groups on journalism has been transformative.
The figures below measure both the impact of the recession and the aftermath.
In the past, technological innovations have had a huge impact on dating and mating.
As more oil threatens coastal wildlife, the impact is being felt, visually.
The impact of rising fuel prices, by contrast, has been swift and appreciable.
Her lack of affect increases the impact of the words.
Even more important is the impact of wage cuts on morale.
It thundered on impact, and the subway platform quaked.
It was a cogent critique of the war, but its astounding impact was due mainly to who made it.
But none of the improvisations undermined the impact of the piece, which was much bigger than anyone had predicted.
It's clear humans have had a devastating impact on our planet's ecological web of life.
Still others are trying to address the economic impact of cyber-espionage.
It's so great-these words are strung together with such impact that you don't want to screw it up.
He survived, and was plucked from the impact zone by the helicopter.
His bravery had little impact on the course of the fight.
Video gaming can impact marital satisfaction by upending the routines of daily life.
The increasing impact of economics has been matched by a growth in its complexities.
With a new vest, players can feel the impact of video games.
The impact of this is being felt first in animal feed, particularly poultry and pork.
Bioengineering could lessen the negative impact of biofuels.
Without knowing the material properties of the asteroid, it's impossible to determine how the impact will affect it.
Researchers seek fine-scale impact maps for a nation endangered by climate change.
We devote much of the book to the plan's specific projects, especially the impact of roads and the agriculture that follows them.
So long as the impact of speech on these other rights remains speculative and marginal, it must look elsewhere for levers to pull.
The impact will be far more significant on the production side.
It will impact on your credit, but not as much as some of the other options below.
It's not possible to convey the emotional impact of the photo in words.
Imagine the impact natural gas could have in solving our energy problem.
Double rings are only seen in large impact events, so that must have something to do with it.
Rather, it might have a dampening impact on the pace of innovation since there will be new impediments toward profitably.
The small dome is now clearly a tiny meteorite impact crater.
Your gift will have a clear impact, as emphasized by the thank you letter that every donor receives from the grateful teacher.
The negative impact of these myths is predictable and yet distressingly persistent.
Small incentives can have a large impact on behavior if they are immediate, because they play on present bias preferences.

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