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Example sentences for immunization

Polio is found worldwide, but immunization has reduced the incidence.
Across the world, immunization rates continue to rise.
The implications for immunization efforts are serious.
Society has an obligation to preserve herd immunity, and to insist that immunization be universal.
Earlier immunization studies tested the efficacy of isolated particles, which had been produced in insect cells.
Five of the seven recovered fertility once the immunization stopped.
Even conventional immunization can be overcome if the challenge is large enough.
It's centuries since approaches to immunization were first being developed.
Routine immunization is highly effective for preventing measles.
The veterinarians' group is also urging mandatory immunization of cats.
Currently this vaccine is not being used for routine immunization.
Even the muscle trauma of a childhood immunization may induce the body to form a spur of new bone.
Because it turns out the way you'd carry out a vaccine campaign for smallpox isn't the way you'd carry out of a flu immunization.
The anti-immunization crowd clings to well-worn myths.
These armchair specialists have about as much clout in the immunization field as your car mechanic does in surgery room.
My guess is that without immunization and a careful diet he would be dead in a week.
Getting the adults that surround infants immunized for example, and working to address parents immunization concerns.
They're storing it and producing their own, hoping to develop an immunization and an antiserum for the troops.
The evolution of vaccine-resistant strains of infectious agents is potentially a huge problem for their control by immunization.
It certainly is in this case, as stated by the people who were suspicious of the immunization program.
What is true of vaccination is exactly as true of all forms of serum immunization, so called.
Even for the well-publicized flu vaccine, immunization rates are far below national targets.
Unfortunately, the strain of the disease found is also more likely to be resistant to the immunization.
Immunization needs can change when different diseases break out, so check with your physician for the latest requirements.
These resources include a immunization poster which can be downloaded and used in efforts to promote adult immunization.
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