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He was a founder of immunochemistry, the study of the chemical reactions and phenomena of immunity.
They also argued that such immunity is intended to shield individual officials, and not governing boards, from liability.
And it is this that seems to explain their immunity.
Vaccines depend on them, and scientists are even employing the cells to stir up immunity against cancer.
So instead of inducing immunity they induce tolerance.
In the healthy, a vaccinia infection is largely harmless and merely confers immunity to smallpox.
Promises of immunity are easily given to dictators and other nasties.
Then your body will build immunity to that strain of flu.
The companies need retroactive immunity or they will face bankruptcy from the lawsuits, he added.
They should allow citizens to have a better way to know who are they voting for and stop using political immunity for corruption.
These mice had been bred in a completely sterile environment and lacked almost all immunity to disease.
The results of a new study suggest that the standard smallpox vaccine confers surprisingly long-lasting immunity.
It was more effective, conferring immunity that might last a lifetime.
Another challenge is that the vaccine takes two weeks to provide full immunity.
Since then, mirth has been shown to reduce stress and even boost immunity.
To enjoy immunity from prosecution, traffickers in illegal drugs have to be discreet.
It's evolved its own immunity to the poisonous pseudo-jelly.
These weapons may help make it possible to enhance immunity and accelerate vaccine efforts.
He had fled there six years earlier after losing his parliamentary immunity from arrest.
Furthermore, pups of the immunized mice showed some immunity too.
But having a doctorate does not confer immunity from academic rage.
Also, not all vaccines provide lifetime immunity and booster shots are required.
The bill would require evaders to pay all back taxes, plus interest and civil penalties, before gaining immunity.
And knowing about these methods can offer immunity to the one being persuaded-aka the mark or the chump.
The presumption has been that smoking renders people vulnerable to disease by impairing lung function or immunity.
The emergency decree also grants officials immunity from prosecution for actions taken under its provisions.
Skinner received immunity from money laundering and hallucinogen-manufacturing charges.
But every so often a truly new influenza virus emerges, to which few humans have immunity.
But the vaccine gave him a partial immunity so he was able to fight the disease off.
Walker is also weighing a challenge to that immunity legislation.
The president's immunity from prosecution while he is in office evaporates when he steps down.
They could hold hearings and subpoena people and give them immunity.
The bank said it had lifted immunity from prosecution for the four.
Application of the makeup may have revved up cells' immunity and protected against infection.
If it is a virus, nature will eventually screen for bees expressing immunity to the virus.
Arriving at the correct orientation has a reward for each germ: immunity from the antibiotic, tetracycline.
But then it is a sophism to argue from thence, that this immunity is the cause of my delight either on these or on any occasions.
Merit and immunity from the law of libel were the only conditions exacted.
Those who received this treatment contracted a mild form of the disease, developing a lifelong immunity.
It also seems to weaken immunity, making the birds susceptible to other diseases.
People who get bitten a lot develop immunity to the mosquito's chemicals, although not to any virus the bugs may carry.
Experts fear the disease will mutate into a form that can leap between humans and sweep populations with no immunity.
Foreign microbes can be lethal because the new host may not have the immunity that has built up over time in the original species.
They argued that state sovereign immunity bars the plaintiffs from suing the universities.
They tend to get sick a lot at first--low immunity, lots of kids, will do that.
Each is dominated by a different bacterial genus, affecting everything from nutrient absorption to immunity.
That, of course, convinced us of the impossibility of immunity.
It is different from prior strains so that local populations have little or no immunity.
Everyone's allowed into this party, but nobody is guaranteed immunity from an egging.
But he is also aware that his partner has the same option, and that if both of them exercise it, neither will be granted immunity.
Federal lawyers want to expand the government's immunity.
And now vaccine resistance is spreading among parents who want to free ride on the herd immunity of others.
Originally, when war was simpler, this principle was translatable as the principle of noncombatant immunity.
Most radomes include lighting arrestors of some kind, and they help, but do not provide immunity to lighting damage.
As a result, some chimps died after contracting illnesses to which they'd never built immunity.
The question of efficacy was whether any killed-virus vaccine could produce lifelong immunity.
So although today's vaccines protect the majority, some people fail to develop immunity, while others may have adverse reactions.
The team also use their new ideas to study the spread of infections which do not confer immunity on recovered individuals.
He seemed in good spirits and was well prepared for the lifting of his parliamentary immunity, which he knew was imminent.
Even then, the trial will start again only if you were not elected to one of the other offices that benefits from the immunity.
He recently reoccupied his parliamentary seat-though some suggest this was largely an attempt to secure immunity from prosecution.
The genome contains no dynamic data, such as my current age or immunity.
State governors still enjoy immunity from prosecution while in power.
It has shelved plans to end the immunity from criminal charges enjoyed by members of parliament.
It is also the biggest challenge to the army's immunity.
The others have all been dropped, because of the statute of limitations or the immunity rule.
It might, therefore, be sensible to allow such an inquiry to offer immunity from prosecution to particularly useful witnesses.
If audiences are so in tune with seeing that, then there's an immunity that kicks in.
Some people have a resistance to innuendo and to rumor, and some people have absolutely no immunity to it.
We are invited to enjoy this picture of a magical immunity, but not to act on it.
Obviously, civilians wouldn't provide cover if there was no such thing as noncombatant immunity.
Any other approach would transform a government's refusal to permit human rights monitoring into immunity from criticism.
His license as a free lance helped him earn a charmed immunity.
Immunity to boredom is one thing that helps to give computers the edge over human beings in some tasks.
Citizens with capitulations had a personal status comparable to diplomatic immunity today.
Well done healing arts build your bodies health, strengthening immunity and resilience in many ways.
Because the virus is so unusual, few if any people have built-in immunity from past exposures.
Participants belonging to the other two groups, in contrast, maintained their vaccine-enhanced immunity.
Instead of boosting host immunity, they would target the virus itself by silencing its genes.
Some people don't get any symptoms, probably because they have developed immunity from previous exposures.
Further, probiotics-dietary supplements containing potentially beneficial microbes-have been shown to boost immunity.
With mosquitoes came disease and exposure to species that have no immunity or protection from skeeter-borne illnesses.
Cui proposes injecting these people's white blood cells into cancer patients to see if he can transfer their immunity.
Polio is largely an intestinal disease transmitted through raw sewage, as is immunity acquired.
Foods containing microbial cultures, including yogurt, bear probiotic labels claiming they build immunity and improve digestion.
Most people easily develop immunity to these feeble viruses and clear them within a week.
What's good for you is the improved immunity you might get to that particular disease, if you survive it.
Additionally, the survivors will now have some immunity to the infectious agents.
If you have immunity, through vaccination or previous infection, you are almost certainly not going to be contagious.
The herd immunity is low in part because parents are scared to vaccinate their children.
Polio was a pervasive, terrifying disease that had the potential to disable anyone without immunity.
Adults have developed a certain degree of immunity to snake venom and their agility helps them avoid strikes.
Newborns generally carry a couple of months of immunity out from the womb.
We must trust that a few members of a species would have a natural immunity to the virus.
Actually it's the un-vaccinated people who should be thanking the vaccinated, it's called herd immunity.
And don't try to tell me that evolution explains why insects develop immunity to pesticides.
Vaccines confer immunity in the exact same way that getting sick does.
Herd immunity works when enough of the herd is immunised.
Immunity, the protection a body has against a particular disease organism, is an acquired phenomenon.
In past seasons, there's been only one immunity idol, which can be used to stay in the game if a player is voted off.
Pandemics occur when a new flu strain evolves for which few people have natural immunity.
Keep in mind that if a witness is granted immunity, that is lost if they don't tell the truth, so there's no incentive to lie.
Those lucky enough to ingest the spores without becoming seriously ill seem to acquire immunity.
Typically, people are willing to accept that danger because they want the immunity.
Neither shot has proved effective alone, yet together they seemed to trigger a modest immunity--although no one yet knows why.
Camomile was granted immunity when he testified before a grand jury.
Unlike many viral ailments such as chicken pox, dengue infection fails to ensure immunity from subsequent attacks.

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