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Examines the relationship among the immune system, the brain, and prenatal and later development.
The immune system protects the body from potentially harmful substances by recognizing and responding to antigens.
Transplant rejection is a process in which a transplant recipient's immune system attacks the transplanted organ or tissue.
Patients who are on corticosteroids or other medications that suppress the immune system are also prone to infection.
In general, psoriasis may be severe in people who have a weakened immune system.
Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease in which the body's immune system attacks joints and other tissues.
It is usually kept in check by your immune system and other types of germs that also normally live in your mouth.
The immune system helps protect the body against harmful substances.
The infection may be more severe and last longer in people who have a condition that weakens the immune system.
The immune system helps your body fight off infection.
Some of the potentially harmful ink ends up in the body's lymph nodes, part of the immune system.
In the centuries that followed that allowed them to conquer, via disease, peoples without their immune system advantage.
Vaccine development requires studying a living body's immune system response.
Those little hooks can snag bacterial poisons and then stick them to an immune system protein.
Over the long term, high glucocorticoid levels are known to suppress the immune system.
If the body recognizes them, its immune system can mount a defense.
As the cell count drops, the immune system begins to fail and opportunistic infections such as tuberculosis take hold.
Both short- and long-term stress can suppress the immune system and harm memory.
The new findings show that marsupials have a much more complex immune system than previously thought.
Researchers warn that sleep deprivation can seriously diminish the immune system.
Understanding how the mosquito immune system fends off malaria is an important part of bringing such a plan to fruition.
Though it remains medically unproven, ginseng has long been revered for its purported ability to boost the immune system.
Ordinarily, the immune system of any mammal will work to fight off a fungal parasite.
Headache and muscle pains are a sign that the immune system has been triggered.
The surface of human skin is crowded with bacteria that would, if your immune system allowed it, cause serious infection.
Magnesium regulates blood pressure and strengthens the immune system.
It was approved for use along with other medicines that suppress the immune system, including corticosteroids.
Scientists have been working for years to find ways to boost the immune system's ability to fight cancer.
The body's immune system responds to pollen differently than it does to air pollution.
Modern medicine, meanwhile, means the hulk's weakened immune system is less likely to expose him to lethal infection.
Aids may well disclose something about connections between immune system failures and cancer.
And they have done it by jogging the memory of another bit of the body: the immune system.
Mesenchymal stem cells are immune-modulators, which means that they will not be rejected by the patient's immune system.
Bone marrow plays an important role in the immune system and in bodily rejuvenation.
The immune system has incredible selectivity and specificity.
Bone marrow plays an important role in the immune system, and also in bodily rejuvenation.
Antibodies are protein molecules that serve as the workhorses of the immune system.
New data suggest that they might affect brain development and influence the early immune system and allergies.
The immune system senses nothing untoward, allowing the body to stimulate the remaining growth necessary for full functionality.
Its main medical use is to suppress the immune system, so anyone consuming it casually would open himself to serious infection.
Prescriptive exercise to boost metabolism and the immune system is a clear benefit.
Some of its projects imitate the human immune system so as to create an artificial sensor.
The human immune system is a large and complex beast, but in general it has two roles.
Dendritic cells catch invaders and tell the immune system when and how to respond.
Children typically get higher and quicker fevers, reflecting the effects of the pyrogens upon an inexperienced immune system.
When a bacterium enters the body, the first line of defense it encounters is the innate immune system.
Instead, the vaccines use killed autologous tumor cells from the patient to activate the immune system.
Scientists studying these diseases have sought a research animal with both human liver cells and a human immune system.
In this form, the immune system mistakenly attacks its own islets as if they were foreign invaders.
Lupus is a mysterious disease in which the immune system attacks healthy tissues.
Availed of a human body, it can thrive for years on end, foiling the immune system's attempts to squelch it.
After a bout of the flu, lingering germs can wreak havoc on the weakened immune system.
Once injected, the immune system produces antibodies against it, protecting the body in case of an infection.
But viral drugs can take effect only if they can slip past the multilayered defenses of the human immune system.
The principle is simple enough: slowly acclimate the immune system to the offending protein starting with minute doses.
Moreover, if a protein carries the wrong sugars--from yeast, for instance--the human immune system goes on the offensive.
The brain can be taught to suppress the body's immune system.
Cyclosporine moderated the response while not suppressing the immune system's reactions to truly infectious agents.
Local honey, she adds, has been shown in some studies to help strengthen the immune system against seasonal allergies.
It determined the presence of antibodies, which show that a body's immune system has begun to respond to an infection.
The devastating derangements of autism also show up in the gut and in the immune system.
The virus would never be eliminated because it hides in the cell, where the immune system can't get to it.
Two treatments that boost the immune system improve survival rates and slow cancer growth in late-stage melanoma patients.
Other defenses might include a more powerful immune system that can destroy new tumors.
We respond to invading microbes by cranking up the immune system.
The bacillus provokes the immune system to produce an inflammatory response that in turn prevents cancer recurrence.
They educate the immune system and outcompete and block potential pathogens.
Hypothermia also directly inhibits many functions of the immune system.
In any case, the strains best adapted to outwitting the human immune system survived.
When the modified stem cells were injected back into the newborns, they spawned a normal immune system.
When the immune system attacks and destroys myelin, the impulses that control movement and sensation slow down and sometimes stop.
Another common response is to mobilize our immune system.
The immune system protects the body from infections and diseases.
Diabetes can weaken your immune system against the flu.
When the immune system receives a vaccine containing a toxoid, it learns how to fight off the natural toxin.
Sometimes transplants don't work because a patient's immune system rejects the transplanted cells as foreign.
These cells are normally dispatched by the immune system to mop up cholesterol deposits in arteries.
Drinking raw milk, in her view, prevents allergies and promotes a healthy immune system.
Given this pairing, the immune system could be charged up to resist the tumor.
He was put into a medically induced coma so that his immune system could rebound.
The patch also is claimed to improve quality of sleep, enhance blood circulation and strengthen the immune system.
Most cancer vaccines are intended to rally a patient's immune system to fight cancers that have already progressed.
The human immune system is still the best resource for fighting disease.
One of cancer's cleverest tricks is its ability to hide from the immune system.
T cells are a type of white blood cell that mediate the immune system's response to viral invaders.
Our immune system constantly produces antibody molecules, which identify and disarm foreign particles, termed antigens.
But the malaria parasite hides inside human cells, evading the immune system.
These healthy cells were transplanted back into the mouse, whose immune system accepted them as the animal's own tissue.
And because they come from the patient's own body, they will not be rejected by the immune system.
She had a radical mastectomy, chemo and radiation therapy, and a bone-marrow transplant to restore her immune system.
The laser breaks the pigment into smaller particles, which are then absorbed by the body's immune system.
When a virus of a particular strain enters the human body, the immune system recognizes it and launches an antibody response.
What's more, the cells may secrete a factor that actively inhibits the immune system.
Researchers have begun to explore its effects on almost every part of the body, from the brain to the heart to the immune system.
Tweak others, and the virus becomes a better target for the body's immune system.

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