immersive in a sentence

Example sentences for immersive

Such immersive experiences have led to several reports of online activities triggering real-world conflicts.
Immersive encounters and learning adventures abound for the whole family.
When it's on the screen, it's a little less of that immersive experience.
Really, the future of cinema is in fully immersive environments, and that's already happening in computer games.
Such extensions create deeper, more immersive experiences for fans.
But it is also a blank canvas, and a unique space for an immersive experience.
The show yields an immersive sense of early modern art as a tidal wave of hot-and-bothered genius.
The rest do it for the achievement, the social aspects and largely, because the game was fun and immersive.
The whole movie is played up as an immersive experience.
One of the first arcade games to suggest how immersive the medium could be.
Patients may not be willing to undergo such immersive therapy.
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