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The company will be able to draw on the immense volume of personal data it owns to create extremely targeted messages.
In earlier days such a plan would have generated immense interest and large political waves.
But these queries really are trivial, compared to the immense significance of the book itself.
The scope and existential implications of these ideas are immense.
In the privacy of your office, though, it gives immense pedagogical pleasure to know that your instincts were right.
They range in size from tiny to immense, and in number of spots from one to more than twenty-five thousand.
Even so, he surely understands that the damage has been immense.
The danger of disappointment is immense, the problems are so big.
The immense surface area of the beak allows heat to quickly dissipate.
But that era was also one of rapid and immense change.
Back then, much of the territory was an immense, waterlogged floodplain.
Commentators ignore the immense military use of materiel better used for peaceful purposes.
These would be of immense importance in evaluating the data.
It was an immense pleasure to speak with the directors.
It was an intriguing and darkly comical sight watching this animal the size of a fist fall into something so immense.
Performing any kind of mechanical or scientific work in this environment is an immense challenge.
Cloud computing represents an immense leap forward in data center efficiency.
Then, according to your logic, many corporates who have an immense influence on the governments are red.
The resulting loss to society and the the economy is truly immense in my opinion.
In every war the people plunged into the business of privateering with immense zest and eagerness.
He was interested in every social reform movement, and he did an immense amount of practical charitable work himself.
Public events had produced an immense sum of misery to private citizens.
It was the great event of the day, and attracted an immense concourse of people from all parts of the state.
Their deadly appearances have led to immense revenue losses for the fishing industry and posed a threat to human health.
Makes the point, but it's a somewhat ponderous collection of mediocre sentences, rather than a single one of immense power.
At first all you notice is the immense, menacing, and tremendously unsettling spider.
They work a tremendous amount, and in the end they develop an immense intimacy with mathematical objects.
Given the immense cost of the shuttle program, however, the science return on investment remains fairly slim.
The strains on any such structure would also be immense anywhere near the horizon.
Despite the plane's immense size and light weight, the team found the plane met their expectations.
As immense as the oil sands deposits are, however, they're also difficult to access.
The immense size of the biggest sauropods was made possible by a suite of evolutionary quirks not seen among mammals.
To widen the portal, some scientists suggest using a laser to inject immense amounts of negative energy.
Pure information can be copied and, since it is digital information, the fidelity of the copying can be immense.
If the shielding effect could be refined and intensified, the implications would be immense.
Even the light from such a star is unable to escape its immense gravitational pull.
The blobs glow brightly in visible light, but the sources of immense energy required to power the glow remained unclear.
The reality of this immense boreal land grows ever harsher as a resource-hungry world gnaws at its edges.
The largest animal ever to have lived, the blue whale is a marvel of bone and blubber, blowhole and baleen-in immense proportions.
The area's immense variety of fish and resistance to coral bleaching make it an invaluable marine wilderness.
Few people outside the publishing industry are aware of the immense effort that goes into producing the articles and photographs.
He grabs my hand and puts it on one of his immense quadriceps.
The universe is immense, which makes many scientists confident that life might have evolved elsewhere.
The risk to oil companies from deep-sea platforms, in other words, turns out to be immense.
Of course, such events can cause immense hardship to individuals and businesses.
The immense losses are continuing, because the airlines are now flying, but half-empty.
For the company that can learn how to help little emperors learn, the rewards will be immense.
With his immense biceps and brutish energy, he is all power and violence.
And the commercial possibilities are immense, for three reasons.
Moreover, they create immense economic distortions through corruption and the misallocation of resources.
The social sciences, especially economics, have done themselves immense harm through physics-envy.
Immense financial, not to mention political, obstacles stand in the way of such ambitions.
The pressure on the risk department to keep up and approve transactions was immense.
It traced the history of what then seemed an almost miraculous arc of rags to immense riches.
If pension promises are to be kept, this will place immense strain on taxes.
The film has nothing to say about the immense damage that can also flow from state ownership.
While agreeing with this ideal the investment would be immense.
Those qualities have brought him immense success as a businessman, and helped to advance his political career.
Whether he can fulfil his immense potential remains to be seen.
Far beyond what they stole for themselves, they also caused immense damage.
Some of the new cancer drugs hold immense promise, but others have limited efficacy and are exorbitant.
Indeed if full-scale friendliness were ever sought, an immense opportunity awaits.
In practice, policing such a huge preservation area against illegal logging would be an immense task.
History can be of immense help as far as economics is concerned.
Sea-floor injections also offer an immense amount of storage capacity.
The tone of this farewell suggests manufactured hysteria, not an outpouring of affection, despite the show's immense popularity.
And there are indeed immense challenges out there: an economic crisis, a health care crisis, an environmental crisis.
Anyone who makes annual donations of that size is guaranteed to wield immense influence.
Inside an immense three-story cavern known as the currency vault, the truck's next cargo was made ready for shipment.
Before buying beef, think about the immense cost of energy used to raise cattle and to transport meat to your supermarket shelf.
He's created a home that is immense and fluid, with beautiful dark woods and shades of maroon.
The economic incentives for doctors in poor countries to heed the wishes of the drug companies are immense.
The physics involved in moving that much water through multiple phase changes and over continental distances are immense.
Had even a tiny percentage been radicalized enough to commit violence, they could have done immense damage.
The terrific thing about postcards was their immense variety.
Even if they were, however, they would be warranted by the immense good they will do.
The editorial work behind this project has been immense in scale.
The economic problems of these people are immense, almost immeasurable.
The value of friendship in both our lives is immense.
For many people, exposing yourself to a potentially immense and judgmental community can be new and scary.
For all the economists' doubts, there's immense political pressure on authorities to do something to slow growing joblessness.
And even in this immense memorial there's an intimacy in some of the details.
And the sci-fi elements almost always build to an immense action sequence.
It requires policy leadership that understands the immense transformative power of technology and innovation.
Sure enough, my two pine trees have immense branches that lean precariously against the power lines on my street.

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