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Immediately, a scorching pain shot up his right arm as if something had shattered.
It is not something that can be immediately understood for what it represents.
But several clever experiments have tested people's memory immediately after a tragedy and again several months or years later.
It was never backed by any study, and the one academic who made the statement to a reporter took it back almost immediately.
Everyone looked at her and then immediately looked down.
Her thoughtful expression and strong hands immediately strike the viewer.
Jack cracked his whip at the fox, which plunged into the water with a terrified yelp and was immediately fighting for its life.
Wright immediately vowed to rebuild the house, which was mostly in ruins.
He declared that it was to be protected and was immediately to become a mosque.
Call your health care provider immediately if you have a fever or other sign of infection.
Of all of the do-it-by-yourself products, only the special sheet completely and immediately stops bed bug bites.
We need to immediately reduce these emissions once and for all.
They typically affect the large muscles of the legs during or immediately after exercise and last for seconds to a few minutes.
Which could make big evolutionary jumps possible immediately, without waiting for the changes to accrue over generations.
The process can begin immediately after the fat is harvested-via liposuction-and cells are ready to culture within the same day.
It would be appropriately and immediately dismissed.
When they turned the light off, the mouse immediately stopped.
Typically microbes break down this material immediately.
Immediately after the placement, the saliva or water of the glob interacts in repelling the wax away from the glob's nucleus.
Once they realized the whale was approachable, they immediately went into disentanglement mode to cut the gear off.
Then they played the trill of the wrens singing immediately after the butcher-birds.
In the case of older wines, one should not wait to pour the wine after decanting, but instead serve it immediately.
Measuring one of an entangled pair immediately affects its counterpart, no matter how far apart they are theoretically.
Review of applications will begin immediately and will continue till successful candidates are selected.
The review of candidate materials will begin immediately and will continue until the position is filled.
Applications will be reviewed immediately and will continue until position filled.
Review of applications will start immediately and will continue until the position is filled.
The reader is able then to see immediately the footnote and gain that info quickly instead of having to turn back in pages.
Review of applications will begin immediately and continue until positions are filled.
While not nearly as polite, it gets there immediately.
The application review for all positions will begin immediately.
He would forget almost immediately that he'd done any of the tests.
And there is almost always something that goes wrong almost immediately, it's the way of home ownership.
Likewise, the relationship between matter and energy isn't immediately useful unless you are building a nuclear reactor.
Your introduction should immediately precede a speaker.
In any case, when you apply for teaching-heavy positions, search committees will immediately look at your teaching experience.
Report any swelling or signs of redness immediately.
In my case, the employee contributions are immediately vested for both the defined contribution and the defined benefit plans.
In many cases, the answer is no, whereupon the work doesn't get registered and immediately enters the public domain.
The best response to a heated or insulting message is not to reply immediately.
She regrets that she can rarely answer letters personally, and never immediately.
Banning ghostwriting by calling an author an author is straightforward and immediately enforceable.
Your file was immediately tossed into the paper shredder along with hundreds of other losers.
Moreover, information that some students might grasp immediately could leave those from another culture befuddled.
Don't give them any tips on why they should immediately discard your application.
Still, a tornado warning means be ready to take shelter immediately if there are any indications a tornado is approaching.
He did not immediately name who was responsible for the attacks.
Bond immediately underwent intensive training to learn the new position and the freaky throw.
That's exactly how mapping software should be: immediately responsive and easy to use to keep up with you on the road.
The authorities did not immediately report any arrests.
What's new are almost all cosmetic changes you'll notice immediately.
Integrating your accounts widens your listening options considerably, and immediately.
The video could not be immediately verified independently.
So users can buy the tablet and immediately have apps they can download and play with.
The reward arrives immediately while sometimes it seems the bill can be indefinitely postponed.
It achieved many objectives simultaneously, some of which are not immediately obvious.
Many people are burying family members immediately without registering their deaths.
The reasons for the animosity are not immediately obvious.
When an earthquake is detected, the software immediately looks at the size of the tremor and the location of its epicentre.
But they were so energetic that they immediately bumped into the walls of the experimental apparatus and were annihilated.
Corporate reformers immediately seized on the crisis as yet more proof of their arguments.
But the figure immediately raised fears of a much harder landing.
But the loneliness team immediately recognised them as a way to identify social interactions.
It is not always immediately obvious into which of these two categories a product falls.
The parrots immediately go into a frenzy and start jumping over each other to try to evade the approaching hand.
When people think of that store, they immediately think of your community.
Let the egg spin for a moment, then stop it and immediately release it.
Immediately push back to the starting position and repeat on the opposite side, staying low as if you were skiing.
Refugees immediately underneath the openings were moved to other parts of the stadium.
The barb is immediately wrapped with a cloth to prevent injuries.
Remove from heat immediately and pour the custard into four ramekins or small terra-cotta dishes.
The cancelli immediately beneath the anterior surface are arranged parallel with it.
The heart originally lies on the ventral aspect of the pharynx, immediately behind the stomodeum.
The superficial fascia is found immediately beneath the integument over almost the entire surface of the body.
Looting began immediately, and by the time it abated, signs of an insurgency had appeared.
And even if none of those things happens immediately, the site may receive so much traffic all at once that it simply crashes.
Some lawmakers were already saying they will immediately move legislation to block those automatic cuts to the defense budget.
There were, of course, some things that did change immediately.
Looking at a portable communication device, it's not immediately apparent why it would come to be called a cellular phone.
During her second visit, she suffered a stroke immediately after the chiropractor manipulated her neck.
Musk immediately said the quick and inexpensive tracking, decoding and writing of genetic code.
It takes care of a lot of the lower level challenges and lets you start making stuff immediately.
Immediately strain through a fine-mesh sieve into a metal bowl, pressing on and then discarding solids.
Now remove it immediately from the heat, pour it into a cold bowl, and stir it briskly a few times to dissipate some of the heat.
The crowd didn't immediately know who it was-Is that.
He immediately began his own series of television commercials.
The manager had bad news: the lab was under orders, effective immediately, to stop handling such film.
We recommend that you turn off the lights and leave the kitchen immediately.
Extending unemployment benefits was also an excellent use of stimulus funds, since that money tends to get spent immediately.
In the two weeks immediately following his emergence on the national scene, he had registered multiple hits in a game six times.
The lights went out and immediately flashed on again.
McNair was arrested for the murders, but escaped almost immediately by using lip balm to grease his handcuffs.
In contrast, the father of all her children was programmed to die almost immediately after the mating.
There he immediately began to make enemies by questioning corruption.
Immediately thereafter, she developed an anaphylactic reaction, but survived with prompt treatment.
When the toxin from the algae was added to the medium, the antibody immediately latched on to it.
When it was switched on, all of the mice immediately started walking in circles, responding to the one-sided motor stimulation.
Mutant seeds that immediately sprouted would grow into plants whose seeds were then harvested and planted the next year.
We met up on the set and immediately started chatting and having fun.
Not only immediately after birth, but even in the womb.
Streets flood almost immediately because drainage is almost non-existent.
The boulders give it away immediately in this particular image.
If the movement is gradual, the microtubules will immediately slide back into place after the stretching stops, with no harm done.
He thinks it likely that the circulating seawater cooled the newly formed compounds almost immediately.
The discrepancy was immediately attributed to the effect of the vacuum.
Rock immediately below the crater melts and later hardens into a bowl-shaped sheet.
And every single one of these contained a few mutations that weren't immediately obvious in their ancestral cells.
So environment could explain some of that stability through traits which might not seem immediately related.
Put the super battery into cars immediately and into hybrids when the business model makes it work.
The three operating reactors there were immediately shut down.
The player has to guess which is the real series and is immediately told whether the guess is right or wrong.
Responders want something that will work immediately, but that will warrant sufficient effort to keep them in business.
In summary, it is unrealistic to expect exciting discoveries to result immediately in consumer applications.
After all, our lives are not only about ourselves, but also about the people who immediately surround us.
When that happens, a measurement on one immediately influences the other, regardless of the distance between them.
Imagine a system where you could immediately identify, reserve, and pay for a parking spot.
Cities around the world should immediately embark on a program to install charging stations all over the place.
Such experiments could be never allowed to run and they should be canceled immediately.
She asked him to move out of their apartment immediately.
What struck me immediately is how thoughtful they are.
State-enforced amnesia suppressed immediately the entire atrocity with frightful efficiency.
We call upon the police to cease these illegal actions immediately and to release the people who have been illegally detained.
Issues of education, the economy, and rising inflation are of critical concern and need to be tackled immediately.
You'd think twice before sitting, and if you did sit you'd want to leave immediately.
He thought he was dead immediately following the event but sustained no serious injuries and went back to work a few weeks later.
Several protesters slipped out and were immediately handcuffed and hauled into waiting wagons.
Its symbolism is unmistakable, and many immediately interpreted it as a dove.
And yes, it matters-for immediately aesthetic reasons, and for all manner of practical possibilities in the future.
But immediately the theory is faced with a difficulty.
There's something about the instrument that speaks immediately to people.
And immediately, on the first day of shooting, that broke down.
Small-arms fire followed immediately from both sides.
But sources close to her say she tore the note up immediately, and flatly deny that she ever faked a suicide attempt.
It wasn't a case of me watching and immediately reacting.
People in and immediately around the crippled reactors are likely to have higher long-term cancer risks than others.
The downturn is immediately followed by unprecedented growth.
Additional information about that incident wasn't immediately available.
What becomes possible almost immediately becomes expected.
It was not immediately known whether the driver was ticketed.
It wasn't immediately known if he has obtained the services of a lawyer.
Unfortunately, the hospital stopped the atenolol immediately and put me on a blood-thinning drug.

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