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Example sentences for immediacy

As a result, the book has an immediacy, intimacy and emotional truth that history rarely reveals.
There is only the work, the bright red immediacy of blood.
The lack of immediacy in communication is maddening.
Their immediacy in terms of commentary is especially dangerous.
One benefit is the immediacy of being able to obtain the current text.
There's something about the privacy and the immediacy of it that seems to help.
Subsidies, windfalls, and the prospect of economic opportunity remove the immediacy of needing to conserve.
Obviously, there is something in the immediacy there that one misses in reading.
The immediacy of protest images taken by protesters felt new.
And so the immediacy of the music is blurred by our own soft-focus nostalgia for a lost world.
These pictures are so fresh that their immediacy practically crackles.
Also there's a sense of immediacy: it's all in the present tense.
Maybe an immigrant feels grateful on this day with more immediacy and awareness than others.
It may be that the only real interest in such products will be among those who have purchased the keys to immediacy.
E-mail's immediacy also erodes the sense of personal distance.
The result of all this in-depth research is humor that startles with its real-life immediacy.
The sense of being in a world requires something more than immediacy.
By bringing human rights home, domestic courts give them a concreteness and immediacy that is critical to their effectiveness.
He uses time simultaneously to distance us, to advance the story, and to enfold his characters in insistent immediacy.
There was, in all, something deep and knowing about the voracious immediacy in his dealings with other people.
When appropriate, the use of the word today in headlines is encouraged as it can give many stories a sense of immediacy.
Her light and airy prose has the appealing immediacy of a romance novel.
We agreed to let the music show how the blues continues to speak with clarity and immediacy across all lines of segregation.
Some sequences create such an ambiance of immediacy that you may have to restrain yourself from breaking into applause.
The immediacy and genuineness of their words brought me to tears too quickly.
The excessively literary can have its own pity and terror and immediacy.
But all this is filled in sketchily, without immediacy or emotional depth.
What is interesting now is the earthiness, the grittiness, the humane immediacy.
Creating a sense of immediacy, three rows of spectators block off our view, and the ringside ropes loom overhead.
His large figure fills the picture frame, and the precision of painted detail gives his portrait presence and immediacy.

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