imbroglio in a sentence

Example sentences for imbroglio

The autumn has been spent under the threat of a government shutdown over the state budget imbroglio.
The aftermath of this imbroglio should be interesting to note.
The latest imbroglio seems to have ended a bit more sedately, though.
There was, for example, the imbroglio involving a student who complained about an odor emanating from her roommate's closet.
Both faces peeked out from the wreckage of the privacy imbroglio that wracked the social-networking site this week.
OK, a standard romantic-comedy imbroglio gets darker.
Two subsequent contracts had been negotiated and signed since the residency imbroglio began.

Famous quotes containing the word imbroglio

An endless imbroglio Is law and the world,— Then first shalt thou know, That in the wild turmoil, Horsed ... more
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