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Dogs are not equipped with the protective enzymes that allow humans to imbibe reasonable amounts of alcohol without harm.
Opt for the east shore for a spectacular sunset view, the west shore to imbibe some morning sun with your coffee.
The staff want guests to imbibe, while the guests want to stretch their drinks as far as possible.
They might imbibe alcohol or combustible plant matter on occasion, but they do so without the influence of giant corporations.
They learn their maxims, imbibe their spirit, and are moulded upon their example.
Tasting rooms have become big in wine country towns, giving tourists a chance to imbibe without having to drive.
Once treated the seeds imbibe water quickly and will germinate uniformly when sown.
Impermeable seeds require scarification or degradation of the seed coat by microbial action to imbibe water and germinate.
We imbibe helium three liquid into highly porous silica aerogel such as shown in the picture.
In addition to these examples of over-treatment, there were numerous small, dark seeds that failed to imbibe water.
Adult butterflies imbibe nectar from their larval host plants, and a wide variety of other flowers.
They can afford pay a little more each time they imbibe.

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