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Example sentences for imbedded

The point is, technology is already imbedded into our lives and has been for a couple of decades.
Archaeologists found three ribs from the right side of a body imbedded in the sediment that has filled the sub.
Until the cell phone is imbedded into my skull, it is merely a tool.
Seven iron cauldrons from six to ten feet in diameter are imbedded in a gargantuan, wood-fired, stone hearth.
Something else forgotten is that once you have utility routines written, they become imbedded in almost anything else you write.
Trim away any cartilage and make sure no bones are still imbedded in the flesh.
Instead, they remain imbedded and undetectable until the blossom begins to rot.
Imbedded in the pelvis was a spearhead made of rock.
Sovereignty is imbedded in each of these governmental functions.
Stubborn, deeply imbedded dirt or mold may need more powerful cleaning techniques.
Vampires and zombies share an imbedded anxiety about disease.
The ova are developed from the primitive germ cells which are imbedded in the substance of the ovaries.
Beneath this superficial stratum, other large and more or less mature follicles are found imbedded in the ovarian stroma.
We don't need another set-top box with imbedded apps.
Of course, there will be fees imbedded in the funds, as there always are.
The bums have imbedded themselves in power and protect their own, no matter what political group.
The resultant contract will be considered a timber contract with imbedded service work.
Most allowances are not taxable, which is an additional imbedded benefit of military pay.
Never in the history of technology has a single device so quickly become imbedded into the fabric of society.
In the initial stages the fire was so hot and deeply imbedded that the water spray was turning to steam and not doing any good.
The nematodes cysts are imbedded amongst the adhesions and beneath the mesenteric lining.
Filled with yolk cells in which an indistinct germinal cell is imbedded.
Loop detectors are imbedded in the pavement and detect vehicles.
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