imbecile in a sentence

Example sentences for imbecile

If somebody writes a book and doesn't care for the survival of that book, he's an imbecile.
One would have to be the biggest imbecile in the world to have hired him.
It is not what is in the list that shocks me, for any list drawn by bureaucrats is bound to be an imbecile list.
We build asylums for the imbecile, the maimed and the sick.
The imbecile king now ripened rapidly towards a crisis.
The patient mostly stands still, with lowered head and an imbecile expression, and pays no attention to her surroundings.

Famous quotes containing the word imbecile

Listen to me, imbecile. If the Treasury is important, then human life is not. This is clear. All those who ... more
That book is good Which puts me in a working mood. Unless to Thought be added Will Apollo is an imbecile.... more
The city is recruited from the country. In the year 1805, it is said, every legitimate monarch in Europe was imbec... more
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