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Another frequent reason for lack of successful fertilization is chromosomal imbalance.
It is not the moments of imbalance that are rare, it is the moments of balance.
Sickness comes from blocks or imbalance in the body's qi.
At the first sign of any imbalance in the system, steps are taken to locate and eliminate the cause.
The statistical bumps observed in the study are in addition to that slight natural imbalance.
The extreme imbalance of wealth and resources in the world.
However, the imbalance between basic life needs and rampant consumerism has upset the equilibrium of nature.
When fishing ceased, the imbalance between predators and prey began reversing almost immediately.
When an imbalance occurs, every organism in the food web suffers.
Monitor the compost for offensive odors, which indicate an imbalance in the compost ratio.
Unfortunately, there's a serious imbalance in the performances.
For one thing, neither implies mental imbalance, and our species is fond of epithets and invective implying insanity.
Or maybe it contained in its heart an imbalance or an infection, as happens to some of us.
In spite of the closeness, the relationship is troubled by a kind of imbalance of power.
Even the slightest pressure imbalance, by differential cooling rate or accretion, will push superfluid flow with zero viscosity.
So the annual imbalance is six or seven billion tons.
Although rare, this sense of prolonged dizziness or imbalance can be debilitating.
It can stem from a foot imbalance and may be aggravated by ill-fitting shoes or socks.
If the ion channels that carry them are genetically damaged, a chemical imbalance occurs.
The disruption causes a neuronal imbalance that researchers say could be the first step in the development of addiction.
The giant planet's gravity tugged on this imbalance and wound it up into a spiraling ripple.
When our planet is suffering from an imbalance of energy, and gains or loses heat, changes in global temperature.
The imbalance of outgoing heat radiation is much more significant than heat transfer from the atmosphere to the ocean.
Those of us who are not particle physicists should be grateful for the imbalance.
Another point of concern was the imbalance in the number of students traveling to each country.
But the demands continue and imbalance can become a way of life.
Our national myths about the value of these degrees will sustain the imbalance in pay relative to the humanities.
In my case, the feds got four times as much money as my state, which demonstrates a significant and serious imbalance.
Most professions, law and medicine as much as academia, require an imbalance for one to be successful.
Depression is also caused by a biochemical imbalance.
When individuals feel unable to influence their partner, a power imbalance develops in the relationship.
Its external imbalance has narrowed, but a big internal imbalance remains.
Their upcoming generations are well aware of the imbalance in global wealth distribution and their root causes.
But that seems far-fetched, given that much of the imbalance is down to simple ageing.
These countries have persistently run current-account surpluses, and a surplus is an imbalance, after all.
And, despite all the hesitations and divisions, such is the imbalance of military power that victory is certain.
It is time to change another twelve cylinders engine to run a global economy that can ease the imbalance of trade and growth.
Generally speaking, this is the sort of thing we'd expect to see happen after a long period of imbalance.
Most economists have long argued that this imbalance must, at some point, be corrected.
Fiscal discipline is thus an important part of the external adjustment even if it will not solve the imbalance alone.
The persistence of imbalance at the country level has to do with the fiscal stimulus package.
One of the strange things about the debate was the apparent imbalance of the two sides.
No invisible hand would intervene to correct the imbalance between the private and the public welfare.
As they see it, they may no longer drink, yet a sense of imbalance at having to do without liquor does not go away.
She discovered that she suffered from a hormonal imbalance that required estrogen shots.
The of the reasons for this concern is that there is an imbalance in population growth.
The change in temperature is not due to any imbalance between the two.
Further experiments confirmed that the electrolyte imbalance led to a heart shutdown.
And each half hour they checked the blood pressure near her heart, which would reveal the first signs of fluid imbalance.
The causes of seizures range from epilepsy to brain injury to electrolyte imbalance.
Although the answers are roughly symmetrical, there is a clear imbalance towards redistribution.
However, the imbalance between the number of accepted and faculty jobs show that this is a poor proxy.
It is the result of decades of ecological imbalance, brought on by economic and demographic pressures.
And that will not help resolve the trade imbalance between our two countries.

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