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There's chemotherapy and diagnostic imaging and hospice care and drug design.
Brain imaging studies of patients with the dementia have uncovered damage to frontal areas of the brain.
He'd invested in an imaging center with his colleagues.
Get disk-imaging software that makes a bit-for-bit copy of everything on your drive.
Now imaging that you are on the same train, but you are not moving at all.
The human brain is a complex organ, but it is becoming better understood with the use of functional magnetic-resonance imaging.
We can play an important role in early disease detection through, for instance, medical imaging technology.
So do brain-imaging equipment and semiconductor factories.
The technique they are proposing is the reverse of the process in medical magnetic-resonance imaging.
The company's digital imaging and printer businesses generate billions of dollars in revenue a year-but not enough to cover costs.
Now digital imaging is starting to figure out how to spot art forgeries, too.
Neuro-imaging shows that this deception stimulates the production of naturally occurring painkilling chemicals in the brain.
Depending on the results, blood tests and imaging studies of the brain may be needed.
Various types of imaging tests can help detect the presence of cancer or find out how far the cancer has spread.
Terry will have a checkup within a couple of weeks and return for imaging in six months.
It enables super high resolution imaging by using the motion of the helicopter to create an artificially large aperture.
The company is split into some rather more scientific divisions, one of which makes microscopes and scientific imaging equipment.
Brain imaging shows similar patterns in their sleeping brains as when they are learning.
For imaging experiments to work, the laser's shutter will have to be faster than its detonator.
The business of computer imaging has become so hot that the top animators in the field can name their price.
Exploratory surgery has given way to robot cameras and high-resolution imaging.
Most recently brain-imaging studies have shown that music activates many diverse parts of the brain.
Scientists can learn a lot by using imaging equipment and by making other observations.
As far as specific neural imaging, you would have to look through journal articles of neuro-imaging to get any real detail.
The video also displays a virtual colonoscopy, which scans the intestines with sophisticated, noninvasive imaging tools.
The technique of brain imaging is turning in a toy for scientists that are predisposed to make would- be science.
Functional brain-imaging studies have consistently failed to turn up any region of the brain that is perpetually inactive.
Magnetic resonance imaging machines reveal the new map: different regions light up.
Fiber optics and digital imaging have been instrumental in revolutionizing communication and computing.
Imaging scans would reveal the additional blood flow and electrical activity as thousands of neurons flare in response.
New imaging techniques show viruses and bacteria in action.
Magnetic resonance imaging is more detailed, but it is rarely used to screen pregnancies.
Neuroscientists have recently started to use brain imaging machines to track this journey.
The same thing happened when digital imaging became popular in the medical community.
They should throw the scanners away and invest in thermal imaging security scanners.
Robins don't need the magnetic resonance imaging during the nighttime darkness.
New imaging methods may help distinguish brain damage from psychiatric disorders.
Organic x-ray panels could bring down the cost of medical imaging.
Scientists use brain imaging to predict what someone is looking at.
Sophisticated brain-imaging studies suggest new ways to treat chronic pain.
Sophisticated imaging reveals new details in a virus's protein coat.
Such materials could offer a more effective way to deliver drugs or imaging agents to the interior of a cell.
The accuracy of the test matches what's possible with low-dose computerized tomography imaging of the lungs.
Infection was captured by continuous long-term imaging over three days.
She became known for her study of light scattering and imaging.
The researchers then put eight subjects with healthy amygdalae into a functional magnetic-resonance-imaging device.
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