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Imagine you're coaching a big soccer game, against an undefeated team that has beaten your team in all your previous matches.
Imagine that driving across town, you've fallen into a reverie, meditating on lost loves or calculating your next tax payments.
Imagine trying to bake a cake without being able to precisely gauge or control the temperature.
Imagine sipping your tea or wine in the dappled light of your own backyard arbor bench, your favorite vine overhead.
Imagine a microscope implanted into your body that could automatically sort out cancerous cells based on how they looked.
Imagine a campus without students for that reality check.
The hidden costs of corruption are almost always much higher than companies imagine.
Imagine bubbles floating before your eyes, filled with cool info about stuff you see on the street.
Well, imagine that you have been peeling layer after layer until you couldn't peel off anymore.
Imagine you're a mouse running across an elaborately decorated rug.
Imagine a garden that pumps out gorgeous blooms over a long season.
Imagine knowing you'll be too sick to go to work, before the faintest hint of a runny nose or a sore throat.
Close your eyes and imagine a blank canvas filling with bright colors, fluid lines, delicate forms.
Imagine if every company you had never done business with required you to opt out of their junk mailings.
Imagine you could write cheques that were accepted as payment but never cashed.
Imagine you're creating a new science-based computer game.
Imagine being present at the birth of a new industry.
Imagine you walk up to the tree, put your arm up to it and pull it off, and a few hairs adhere.
The world is much larger than you can imagine right now.
Imagine you are researching the question of whether a certain whale species is experiencing a population decline.
Imagine all the nourishment a plant needs to reproduce, tucked into a tiny package.
Imagine a human-free future, where giant animal skeletons have taken over the homes and buildings civilization has left behind.
Meanwhile, research shows that professors spend much less time thinking about their grad students than students imagine.
Imagine how many people this would take for even a small city.
To capture that spirit, imagine your own journey through an unknown place.
It is easy to imagine her in that distant encounter-the same direct gaze, the same friendly face and flyaway hair.
Imagine an e-book that comes with its own music background and sound effects that play when you read over the appropriate words.
Imagine an impressionable coworker stumbling in on that scene.
One knows intimately and the other can only imagine.
Can't imagine anyone who wouldn't be pleased with this gift.
Imagine you are the kind of guy who owns a pith helmet.
Their education should not be left to those who may mistakenly imagine that training is the same as education.
Imagine if all the objects in the world had all the information that they needed to function optimally.
Talk about hanging ten: imagine the wave a meteor could create.
Panic causes more of a problem then people can imagine.
Imagine a party where all the foods are made ahead but stay fresh.
Imagine a stylus barely longer than the first knuckle of your thumb.
Imagine that you and some other students are sitting in the cafeteria.
Imagine being alone on the ocean for five or ten weeks, sailing in snow, ice and spray cruel as needles.
Instead of the ubiquitous metal bowl with last night's charred remains, imagine an artful piece crafted of metal and stone.
Do not imagine that publishers will read your dissertation.
Imagine a knife in your spine slowly twisting deeper and deeper into your body.
Imagine that you have a standard, single-bed mattress.
Imagine the warmth and character of the stone elegantly illuminated by the subtle glow of candles.
Imagine architecture that changes as information flows through it.
Imagine if the administration had brought in pizza, and started talking with students.
Imagine yourself gazing at the sky on a summer night.
It will have the simplest user interface you could imagine.
Imagine your body in an aluminum container filled with liquid nitrogen that will be kept in deep-freeze for hundreds of years.
Imagine hair that sprouts in skeins from once withered follicles.
Imagine a national park-level wilderness without national park-level crowds.
From there, the story progresses as you might imagine.
Then imagine a world where these places weren't protected and preserved forever.
Imagine smashing fresh berries into pure, sweet honey.
Imagine the relief when you send a smoke signal for help and then, on the horizon, see a puff of smoke in return.
Imagine you are almost dozing in a lounge chair outside, with a magazine on your lap.
Imagine that you have an extra brain installed, a cybernetic superbrain with access to all the compiled knowledge of mankind.
Finally, imagine traveling out into deep space and weighing yourself once more.
Okay, now imagine the higher power suddenly blinking out of existence and disappearing forever.
Imagine a beautiful old steel fountain pen, with its twist-to-suck pump that slurps in ink.
Some proponents imagine small urban meat labs selling their products at street markets that cater to locavores.
Again, imagine you are describing people as tall or short.
Imagine that you are playing pocket billiards on a pool table that is three meters long and one meter wide.
Imagine objects and manipulate them in your mind's eye to see new patterns and similarities between disparate concepts.
Imagine listening to people speak through the din of a seashell's roar.
If the pizza guy is teaching you something, imagine what the smart.
Now imagine a moon apple: a hollow sphere of lunar light.
Imagine that, and you begin to understand why some people are upset.
Ask students to imagine that their parents are planning vacations to the coast and intend to go whale watching.
Imagine you are a government official with confidential messages to send.
And one can only imagine what he will do with the fantastical images that now people his brain.
It would be easy to imagine that newer technology puts paid to such systems.
Imagine having no strength in your fingers to accomplish such a task.
One could scarcely imagine a subject more important than ethics for.
It gives you an impression, and it's up to you to imagine the rest.
Imagine you're an automaker with a killer car in the works.
It's also fun to imagine yourself as part of theirs.
Chances are if you're asked to imagine a ruthless killer, shrimp don't come to mind.
The students will appreciate your help more than you can imagine.
Some even imagine that the act itself is in peril, which it is not.
We cannot imagine a watch arising without a watchmaker.
It's difficult to imagine one simpler than this one, and impossible to imagine one richer and creamier.
It is difficult now to imagine the world of higher education without it.
But imagine having an entire book written about what you ate throughout your life.
Imagine a sphere, and then add an arrow shooting up through the middle.
Standing in a wall, or if that is to difficult to imagine.
And the wall of gourmet chocolate bars-well, you can imagine.
Imagine back then, when this fine building was surrounded by humble wattle-and-daub huts.
Imagine a weapon that creates sound that only you can hear.
Ask students to imagine they are scientists or engineers designing a new space probe to explore our solar system.
Imagine a world in which all of the oil has completely disappeared.
Imagine an extravagant cinnamon roll twisted into a ring, and you've got the idea here.
As you can imagine, pulling together a garden show is a major undertaking.
Imagine if all of the energy put into planning the flash mobs was put into doing something constructive.
Imagine you are a naturalist with a liking for insects.
The process of going through the books helped me imagine teaching from them.
Imagine people's height being proportional to their income, so that someone with an average income is of average height.
Imagine it happens many millions of times for a few years.
Imagine a labor shortage and employers needing really good resumes.
The film was not, as you might imagine, a piece of government-produced propaganda.
Imagine a new legal landscape where high-quality services are affordable.
Yet imagine how much better the country would be doing without it.
Many people imagine they can hide from the hidden persuaders.
Imagine how the value of property located near waterfalls dropped as power shifted to coal generation.
Most people do not do the thought experiment properly, but it requires a lot to imagine.
Imagine: herds of hadrosaurs trudging across the plain as snow falls, while a tyrannosaur stalks them from a distance.
Occasionally a visitor will imagine the fear and trumpeting of the struggling animal and start to weep.
We shall imagine the air above it to have been removed.
It is quite impossible for the ordinary reader to imagine those eight days.
We have to imagine each of these clocks fixed at a point on the non-rigid reference-body.
Let us imagine ourselves transferred to our old friend the railway carriage, which is travelling at a uniform rate.
For you may imagine what kind of faith theirs was, when the chief doctors and fathers of their church were the poets.
Such is his character, and it is impossible to imagine it apart from a certain appropriation of things.
Imagine doing sports with this thing: you'd slug every ball out over the stadium walls.
No longer do you have to imagine the awesome sounds that you're pumping out of your imaginary axe.
But for the magic to happen, you need actual flames, and those are more easy to imagine than create.
Imagine two human-sized hamster wheels held together in a metal figure-eight framework.
As you can imagine, such an updraft carries a huge amount of air up, which means large amounts of air are going to be coming down.
To see how this works, imagine being outdoors on a hot day.
Have students imagine a day in their lives without trees.
Ask students to imagine that they're divers who have been sent on an exciting mission to explore hydrothermal vents.
Imagine potato chips with all the flavor but far less sodium.
Tell them that when they visualize, they use their background knowledge and words in the text to help imagine what they read.
Imagine this dry expanse underwater, with whales hunting and diving.
Imagine a high-tech machine that can see through solid rock to the complete dinosaur within.
Have the students imagine what a local ruler in their port might do to attract traders.
Imagine sticking some bacteria in the freezer and taking them out millions of years later to find that they are still alive.
Ask students to imagine that they have been hired to design aquarium exhibits.
It is difficult to imagine that for months she lived a double life.
But imagine if an entire species were named for you.
Imagine walking around in your backyard and suddenly discovering a vein of gold in a corner you thought you knew well.
Imagine a world where sunlight can be captured to produce electricity anywhere, on any surface.
Imagine if before you took each step, your guts lurched up into your throat.
Imagine the surface of a balloon, on which you put dots.
One could also imagine producing, again perhaps unwittingly, viruses that are immune to existing vaccines.
Imagine seven towers arranged in a hexagonal pattern,with the seventh at the centre.
Imagine a sweet cream cheese filling sandwiched between two fluffy cakes.
From there it's easy to imagine tiny, sugar-poached tomatoes nestled alongside summer berries in a simple tart or crumble.
Chocolate making is much more industrial than you'd imagine.
If there is a stronger word than embrace, imagine it here.
Imagine how totally cool you would be sneaking the best part of fried chicken into everything.
Imagine a tribe facing a long winter realizing that there are tons of eels going downstream in the fall.
The nostalgia is for food that people can't imagine cooked in any other vessel.
So you can imagine my surprise when the big moment was over almost as soon as it began.
But listen to me: it may be less frightening than what you imagine.
Compared with this confusing ad climate, imagine a television event.
Imagine an e-Harmony for freelancers and companies searching for a connection.
Imagine a scenario where your next job interview isn't face-to-face, but face-to-screen.
Now try to imagine a world where everyone actually tried to follow this advice.
We spectators, let us imagine, are also of average height.
Imagine, though, if the case had gone the other way.
Imagine if our nation, or another, had proposed legislation to punish any website for defamation committed by its users.
Apparently he can't imagine similar family dynamics outside our borders.
Walking or riding along the avenues, you can imagine the storefronts without tenants.
Imagine that you are planning a big birthday party and have to get the house in shape.
We often imagine that mystery is buried deep inside our lives, but it's also hidden around us, on the surface.
Their consternation is justified, though not for the reasons they imagine.
From the cover, you can imagine what people are saying.
Imagine a crime scene in which blood has spattered across a floor.
Imagine a cell-phone battery that recharges in a few seconds and that you would never have to replace.
Imagine true-to-life avatars and objects being imported into virtual environments.
Imagine computers orders of magnitude more powerful and far cheaper than today's machines.
Imagine the entire wasted wood product from any disaster.
Imagine a gas made up of a large number of particles that each have a certain energy.
Imagine what new ideas the innovation ecosystem will bring to the development of biofuels in the next decade.
When you think of a laser, you probably imagine a continuous beam of light.
Imagine being treated for cancer with a couple of visits to your doctor.
Fuel cells are likely to be well suited for urban areas where it is tuff to imagine a battery charger by every parking space.
It's easy to imagine that water must be one of best understood materials in science.
U can imagine, whenever one is sick, the stronger ones will attach the sick one.
Imagine a world where your shirt is stronger than steel.
It's easy to imagine that such a process would be straightforward to model from first principles on a computer.
Imagine every country in the world powered by nuclear fission.
It's easy to imagine that higher energy cosmic rays ought to be rarer than lower energy ones.
Intriguingly, the designers imagine users navigating this interface not as a three dimensional desktop so much as an actual place.
It's not easy to imagine space and time being made of something else.
Think of it this way: imagine a racetrack, and you are driving around it.
Now also imagine a long line of gnats flying across the racetrack.
Imagine me sitting on a flat floor, rolling marbles away from me in all directions.
One might, for instance, imagine gross vitamin deficiencies arising from a diet with scarcely any fruits and vegetables.
Now imagine a third object, say a cluster of galaxies, that lies between us and the one that is beyond our horizon.
We might imagine that these people really know that they're deceiving themselves, and that their words are mere bravado.
Imagine for a moment a weather service that uses lots of lookouts, each of whom takes one measurement.
To help clarify this, imagine the parts of a brain actively thinking as bright areas, and those areas not thinking as dim areas.
Imagine taking the piece of paper and tying it to the stone.
Other researchers have found that people with severe amnesia lose their ability to imagine.
Imagine that a virus suddenly appears in our society that makes people sleep twelve, fourteen hours a day.
Supposing will take you places you never dared imagine.
Imagine your whole day lived backward, from beginning to end.
One can easily imagine that in due course this will be the first part of the memorial ensemble to be redesigned.
It is dismal to think so, and worse to imagine how they might explain the principle to their students.
It is difficult to imagine a time when they will not be.
It is harder to imagine artistic excellence arising from violent racism.
We can only imagine what kind of pressure was brought to bear to prevent me from speaking on such short notice.
Then imagine maintaining it for several hours, or days, or weeks.
It is not difficult to imagine what the settlers' lobby means in a country with notoriously narrow parliamentary majorities.
If those scents can distract you from the drone of a dentist's drill, imagine what they can do in less torturous settings.
Imagine going for a drive and discovering a snake has hitched a ride.
Imagine if you could only get into your office or house via toeholds carved into rock.
Imagine having to cook a three-course meal for a panel of acclaimed foodies.
Try to imagine a project more in need of redesign, or with a more compelling claim on federal help to do the job.
It's near impossible to imagine our idiom and vernacular, let alone our liturgy, without them.
Now it seems impossible to imagine the world without it.
And not in the way you'd imagine-as wallpaper-but stacked on top of one another, so that the walls have a fine, leathery feel.
It's easy to imagine them, in the city that gave romance its name, plotting their unconventional life together.
Now imagine someone turning off the lights one by one.
Imagine a whip-smart economist with a sprawling imagination.
Imagine you are a train-yard operator who sees an out-of-control boxcar running down a track that five workers are repairing.
And when they asked her to imagine playing tennis, the regions that trigger motion joined in.
More than one might imagine-along with some surprising things about what doesn't ring our inner chimes.

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