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It's not only rigor, but they have to be creative and they have to be imaginative.
Free, imaginative play is crucial for normal social, emotional and cognitive development.
But there's always an imaginative oddball game lost within the white noise.
While it puts back imaginative literature for a time, war is not unproductive of books.
The capacity for imaginative pleasure is universal, and it emerges early in development.
Gross's work is never less than imaginative and insightful.
But you describe it as being the extraordinarily imaginative time in your life.
Perhaps its imprecision, producing imaginative attempts at interpretation, is its sole intended purpose.
The more imaginative retailers are working around these problems.
These photos are really astounding and highly imaginative.
They were promoted by a one or a few imaginative folks and not taken seriously by the scientific community.
Use your imaginative side to create something that fits your style and interests.
Imaginative power, broad enthusiasms and a knack for getting things done have all contributed to a career that spans five decades.
High on the list were topographical scenes and imaginative compositions as mementoes of their travels.
It's a pity to drop the essay question, if only because it was a real test of candidates' imaginative powers.
Bustling newcomer winning plaudits for imaginative dishes and green credentials.
They're really cool, vivid, imaginative stickers for your own decorative designs.
The reader is bombarded with a surfeit of imaginative images, symbols and events.
Autistic children have difficulty with mimesis and imaginative play.
Other kinds of problem, however, will need imaginative policy changes to correct.
But you have to ensure that you offer a quality and imaginative option.
Jazzed up on impotency, he amazes with potency, an imaginative dialectic in the utterly static.
There is no scientific time machine only an imaginative one.
Companies are also getting much more imaginative about identifying new sources of talent.
But there's always that elusive imaginative element, too.
Finally, books have all sorts of ways to do the imaginative work of the reader.
The second money-saver is to use existing technology in imaginative new ways.
That's right: the color of a wall doubled our imaginative power.
One of the more imaginative theories is that humans were once aquatic apes.
By that age, in normal cases, children are pretending in an imaginative way.
They may not seem imaginative to us humanities folks, but they always do the work.
Then, they will attempt to come up with ever more imaginative ways to encourage new business.
He encouraged us to make some really important imaginative leaps in this film.
It took imaginative educators to show the students the real power of these technologies to do more.
He offers the reader the contents of his own head, a set of options and imaginative alternatives.
The toys were mainly wood, non-toxic, and encouraged imaginative play.
As far as more imaginative names are concerned, that will require more time and more data.
There were some imaginative ideas to avoid this happening.
His successes make it clear, however, that imaginative genius isn't enough to advance a brainchild.
But there are so many imaginative wave energy inventions out there.
Heretics are welcomed, if they have a new imaginative or reimagined perspective that can be tested by experiment or observation.
Intelligent and imaginative people can write in favor or against anything.
Educators need to be more imaginative in finding ways to slow or reduce the alarming rise in the cost of college.
There will always be room for the uniquely subjective qualities of literature, with its richly imaginative textures.
He devotes an entire chapter to them, and promotes them as an imaginative alternative to traditional higher education.
These days, everyone talks about the need for imaginative and innovative minds to get the economy back on track.
The novel, in consequence, was left standing for a few years out of the main channel of imaginative production.
Nor had the world yet been submerged by the modern deluge of imaginative literature.
Imaginative power is nearly always proportionate to concentration of feeling, and lack of the external development of life.
The action and the setting of the novel are on the same imaginative plane with the characters.
If he seems unusually imaginative, still he is imagined without too much subtlety.
We can readily account for the deficiency of the imaginative power in his poetical compositions.
But critics say this model is doomed, and that the labels will have to come up with more imaginative ways of making money.
Arranged chronologically, many of these bags are imaginative, witty and charming.
Smaller firms, which offer imaginative-and perhaps dispensable-niche services could struggle in a slowdown.
Equally compelling is the picture of imaginative, seat-of-the-pants policymaking that emerges as the tale progresses.
He has been lauded for being, as they put it, imaginative.
It'll be more efficient, more imaginative in ship design, and less crippling for the environment.
For one thing, it depends on an imaginative state legislature to enforce co-operation between city and suburbs.
There is also scope for more imaginative recruitment.
Check out the imaginative fare at the museum cafe and the tasteful and quirky items at the gift shop.
Clearly bright and imaginative, he has no friends his own age.
Answer: because the science selection process ruthlessly weeds-out interesting and imaginative people.
It reflected, to be polite, a strong imaginative vision.
Imaginative breakthroughs can germinate a new inwardness if ego isn't kept in check.
Talk about your fantastic project with imaginative flair.
It might be because she's a compelling speaker and an imaginative marketer.
And that's because he was so imaginative a composer of riffs, rather more than of melodies.
However, it will require courageous and imaginative decisions on both sides.

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