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Example sentences for imagination

They opened my eyes to the raw power of the imagination.
Obviously, there is no limit to power of human imagination.
It is no wonder solar power has captured the public imagination.
It was one of those moments when you realize the power of fear and the imagination.
They extol the increasing stability of the economy, the growing power of consumers, the energy and imagination of entrepreneurs.
The only toys that will keep kids occupied are the ones that they can use their imagination to create or design things with.
But the ideas, the imagination are triggering the century compiled collective knowledge and power in this symbolic language.
Imagination is the power of depicting, and fancy of evoking and combining.
And to imagine that it does not create its own set of problems is true imagination.
He also had a lot of imagination and knew how to apply it.
From the first, his scientific research and his whimsical imagination encouraged each other.
Television continues to enjoy a robust hold on the popular imagination.
He had a certain kind of imagination, the imagination of a criminal.
Creative imagination creates new technology, philosophies, etc.
QR codes are a technology that has never seemed to really capture the imagination of the general public.
It's the old argument for radio dramas, which are scarier because the imagination has to supply what the eyes can't see.
Apparently not all teenagers are the cachet-seeking consumers of popular imagination.
The amount of waters was beyond my imagination and the ability to almost touch the falls was overwhelming.
The eye sees a thing more clearly in dreams than the imagination awake.
Clearly some scents are better left to the imagination.
Anyone can use their imagination to make up pretend creatures.
Our goal, then, should be less about codifying new practices than about tapping equally into our experience and imagination.
But, at the same moment as the imagination soars, the intellect applies-to use the jargon of the rocketeers' trade-the brakes.
All these constructs of human imagination are laced with cracks or toppled on their sides.
The limit of possible mediums to increase creativity is only limited by your imagination.
But their work makes up in imagination what it lacks in realism.
And it's certainly not limited by human imagination.
The detailed images of alien vistas, after one pores over them for days or weeks, commandeer the imagination.
And the abstract imagination developed for making clothing could easily be applied to making shelter.
Robotic hands have a hold on our imagination because they give us a tantalizing look at a fully automated future.
Most part of the understanding is based on our imagination.
People have to realize that nature benefits us in ways beyond our imagination.
Collective imagination can flourish only if everyone feels free of anxiety and full of trust.
They're silent and motionless now, but a little imagination turns the engines.
But there is another tiger-the tiger of legend and popular imagination.
We humans are a storytelling species, enamored with our own fantasies and imagination.
Wild flights of imagination fill in the gaps as to what's happening off a screen sanitized by the strict requirements.
Then stretch your imagination and share your thoughts on our forum board.
For the adventurous, ski and snowshoe expeditions are limited only by the imagination.
From the time our ancestors first painted on cave walls, the beauty and speed of horses have captured our imagination.
Given the right tools and encouragement, they will prosper beyond our wildest imagination.
But that image is not the one that flickers in the public imagination.
The best children's books spark imagination and understanding.
There's no question that human ingenuity and knowledge are initially crafted by our imagination.
It takes political imagination to make the changes needed to turn around the disaster bearing down on us.
Still, the ship retained its hold on the popular imagination.
However, the space city of people's imagination is still many years away.
Good scientists as well as good engineers generate original ideas and have imagination.
They are conversation pieces that whet the imagination.
No single element has tantalized and tormented the human imagination more than gold.
There are also photos to get the imagination flowing.
But she has a wonderful imagination which helps her survive all her hardships.
People who show imagination can be seen as dreamers because their ideas have not been proven.
Together, we'll step into a world that will feed your imagination.
We rely on our imagination to fill in the gaps our limited perceptions allow.
But a lone challenger against the elements makes a special appeal to the public's imagination.
The breadth of his imagination has yet to be equaled.
She doesn't navigate his imagination so much as map the explicit tributaries that fed it.
In addition, exposing children to art in the early stages of development stimulates imagination and creativity.
His moves are awkward and sublime, full of imagination and possibility.
According to their view, free will is a figment of our imagination.
Occasionally, the imagination and creativity of a roleplaying game gets lost in the mix.
One might argue that the speaker in any poem is a persona-a fabrication of the poet's imagination.
All you needed was a bit of imagination and a fair dose of optimism to play them forward.
It could be a figment of the collective imagination of the world's amateur satellite trackers.
But the purpose of the minstrel show was to represent the white imagination of blacks.
Hoarding cash for a rainy day was seen as a failure of executive imagination.
Seeing all the imagination that goes into everything.
Our photographers travel to the farthest reaches of the globe to capture images that fuel the imagination.
Orphanages linger in the popular imagination as unnatural relics, places from which neglected children need to be quickly rescued.
Indeed, the sculptures seem to have bubbled up from the depths of his imagination.
The old way of doing arms control-highly technical and incremental-no longer captures the public's imagination.
Prehistoric sea creatures have been the subject of people's imagination for a long time.
It seems to mean, something that can be twisted by an over active imagination to imply anything.
The anxiety my husband experiences when dealing with this is beyond imagination.
Today it is abundantly clear that those revelations were not a figment of accountants' imagination.
The totem pole's open window, carved into the bear's belly, represents birth and imagination.
First marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence.
The wretchedness of its foreshortened life was left to the imagination.
The shuttles never captured the public imagination in the manner of the moon programme.
Human understanding may be more imagination initially, but for scientific purposes, more is required than imagination.
Maybe you would end up finding a colossal squid whose size is beyond our imagination.
Imagination fills in the stories of that room,the chair and the history of the inhabitants of that now lonely room.
Those ubiquitous smartphones are not a figment of your imagination.
Or, for that matter, if they have a vivid imagination.
Kudos to science for making the imagination reel with rambunctious flair.
We, as humans telling stories, need to retain elements of fantasy and imagination.
Those with good ideas put their effort and money where their imagination and knowledge leads.
They can't agree to be donors, since they are not by any stretch of the imagination cognitive enough to do so.
As real evidence went mute, the public imagination worked on two possible narratives.
What hooked his imagination, though, were the early mammals that scurried around at the same time as the dinosaurs.
But where human knowledge has failed, human imagination has inserted itself.
True innovation means using your imagination, exercising the capacity to envision new possibilities.
With a little imagination, music can also provide an avenue for learning.
Their failure of imagination or their ambition has nothing to do with your future happiness.
Making group portraits takes imagination, patience, and diplomacy.
And since then life in the ocean has captured my imagination and held it ever since.
Imagination has produced that human beings be away from their own environment.
There's something about living in a boxcar that captures the imagination.
Despite its shifting fortunes, manned space exploration still retains a viselike grip on the human imagination.
We are driven to answer the challenge of the imagination by inspiring cutting-edge, innovative thinking.
He was one of those rare scientists, especially rare for chemists, who captured the imagination of a wider audience.
Such systems are inherently limited by the imagination of the creator and the functionality of the libraries.
The protections for the imagination are indiscriminate.
Which may be one reason why, as a setting, it lends itself so well to the imagination of thriller writers.
It is a place of the imagination as much as of the eye.
The new president has amply demonstrated his talent for political inclusiveness, imagination and energy.
But these were distances that the imagination might, at a stretch, embrace.
As a result, the parliament has utterly failed to capture the public's imagination.
For the moment, such groupings have not captured the public imagination.
He will need judgment for the first, and imagination for the second.
The successful launching of the world's first artificial satellite is enough to stretch anyone's imagination.
He is a specialist in research on the psychology of imagination and daydreaming.
Here, surface sensitivity is beyond all imagination.
It takes little imagination to realize that this is the basis of our need to do science.
Solar for instance, so called free energy, is not free by any stretch of the imagination.
Regardless of your thoughts on the matter, time is not a figment of human imagination.
It is not by any stretch of the imagination right to steal from one segment of the population in order to enrich another.
Our cognate self has not evolved sufficiently to direct the vast imagination that serves to direct our awareness.
Watch a show all at once and you get the world of pure imagination-if you can handle mainlining it.
Beauty that comes out of the computer has no integrity except the limits of the imagination.
Give me an ounce of civet, good apothecary, to sweeten my imagination.
The free imagination is at work to fashion a more engaging and significant world.
The use of travelling is to regulate imagination by reality, and instead of thinking how things may be, to see them as they are.
Thanks for letting me tap into my imagination today.
Imagination is dangerous, but the loss of imagination is deadly.
Today's kids may never know the no-cares time of innocence, exploration and imagination that their parents recall about childhood.
Anything the human imagination can conceive of is story-worthy, regardless.
The difference is the result of euphoria, alcohol, or imagination.
As such, it has long been an inspiration for speculation and imagination.
The connection between war and rock seems to be an obvious one in the popular imagination.
His audacity is breathtaking, his imagination infectious, his humor as vicious as it is delectable.
Let me try your patience with an exercise in imagination.
One kind of poverty is that of the imagination--the inability to envision a future truly different from the present.
It doesn't take a great leap of the imagination to understand why this is a crisis.
These impressive figures are, unfortunately, figments of the bureaucratic imagination.
Nonetheless, there is an appeal to these images: they leave a lot to the imagination.
When a low-budget found-footage film manages to capture the public's imagination, the rewards are enormous.
Grilling fruits is certainly not a new idea, but it takes a little imagination to bring out the best that they have to offer.
But it also reflects the hold that small business has on the public imagination.
While pirates were certainly cruel and violent criminals, pirate ships were hardly the floating tyrannies of popular imagination.
Pee-wee is a character so vivid in the popular imagination that he has superseded his creator.
Modern art criticism long ago discarded the tools of participatory imagination that, today, belong chiefly to movie critics.
He knows from somewhere that writers drink, but in his imagination or experience it doesn't stretch to them actually being drunk.
She was a great worrier, which requires an imagination.
Grace was active in a place where it didn't show: her imagination.
More often than not, the loser is the one that captures people's imagination.
She taught her students to go beyond their own inner feelings and to use their imagination in order to enrich their roles.
It is a conclusion that betrays a lack of imagination.
It never even entered even the furthest reaches of my imagination.
The voice of the people, the media, has let us down beyond imagination.
Over the past three decades, string theory has increasingly captured the imagination of physicists.
Few concepts capture the human imagination more than robots, undoubtedly because they are often designed to mimic us.
Trance, they've found, opens a window onto the nature of the imagination.
The possibilities of a second example of life are as deep as the imagination.
So we're looking for an atmosphere with chemicals in it that should not be in it by any stretch of the imagination.
We will have the capacity to change ourselves, and the unintended consequences are literally beyond our imagination.
All the kids who got up early and even camped out all night got nothing to spark their imagination.
In my imagination, simple skeletons rose with a clamorous rattle to take on new lives as bones of contention.
However padded or polished, the apple story still inspires the imagination.
To live in a world where there is no imagination and wonder.
Your elitism towards people with imagination and ideas is staggering.
There is enough room for imagination in science and also interpretation.
For a moment your imagination runs wild, but then logic and reason kicks in.
If you use your imagination, you can see lots of things in the cloud's formations.
There may well be others that are beyond the limits of my knowledge and imagination.
To say they are imagination would be to call all of these people liers.
But to me, such criticism shows a lack of imagination.
It's one of the joys of a film with no ambition other than to entertain that it leaves its knottier impulses to our imagination.
The answer hinges partly on the accident of his birth and the raw materials that fed his literary imagination.
Be bored and see where it takes you, because the imagination's dusty wilderness is worth crossing if you want to sculpt your soul.

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