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Example sentences for imaginable

The dinosaur is awesome and gets dressed up for every holiday and event imaginable.
Interruption is one of the biggest signs of disrespect imaginable.
Also, don't feel compelled to make every imaginable dish for your guests.
If they are not one and the same, certainly neither is imaginable without the other.
The priest of the parish came with all imaginable politeness to desire a note of him, payable to the bearer in the other world.
Hundreds of fish darted through the eccentric architecture, flashing every color imaginable.
Every color imaginable seems to be represented in the shiny agate logs.
Perhaps that is because life without the ability to feel is scarcely imaginable.
The question is whether there is any imaginable way to piece together its original state.
It's about as easy as any imaginable activity and has the advantage of being incredibly satisfying.
And every imaginable ways to produce electricity would be used, including burning oil to turn turbines.
He performed almost every task imaginable for the family.
He has approached the problem from every imaginable angle.
The oil business get soo many incentives to make them profitable it is not imaginable.
There is no imaginable need for such a proliferation of facilities for a peaceful program.
What the leaders of both sides therefore need to ask is what imaginable political prize would be worth such a risk.
Although many arrive by car, the city also welcomes travelers through almost any transportation arrangement imaginable.
The town offers every activity imaginable involving snow and ice.
Underneath colorful arrays of almost every item imaginable are fully operating automobiles, complete with driver.
But, for all his talk of investment, consumer electronics lose value faster than almost any product imaginable.
The south was rural and poor, its future economic expansion barely imaginable.
Even if the school taught students nothing, they would still be buying the finest job marketing imaginable.
These dystopias are readily imaginable only because at some level it is obvious that human nature is malleable.
They long for and need a booming economy, which is the only cure imaginable to fix their badly damaged balance sheets.
They used spices in every imaginable combination for their foods, wines and fragrances.
The dent in the budget, and already an economy in recession, will be worse imaginable.
As a result, everything imaginable is being counted somewhere.
Every imaginable thing that can be pried up is gone.
McGraw calls it the benign violation theory, and he insists that it can explain the function of every imaginable type of humor.
And every copyright that starts out anywhere in the system gets leveraged every which way imaginable.
Americans seem to think that our system is the only imaginable system.
And the rings make the grandest dust collector imaginable.
The other with pure woo-woo ads for every imaginable bit of snake oil.
People have been through every imaginable forcing over and over and over again.
Your work is under the harshest scrutiny imaginable.
At first glance, the island appears to be a terrarium surrounded by the whitest beaches imaginable.

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