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Example sentences for imagery

He would say what he felt and would say it in imagery of his own fashioning.
The simplest of these is the failure to distinguish between imagery and thought.
Nor was it the kind of laughter that cheats by turning in the end to tears, or by needing reinforcement with imagery.
Infrared imagery in online maps lets homeowners see their energy efficiency.
Their typing and mouse commands are sent to the software on the server, and the imagery for their display is sent back.
Official newspapers were probably glad not to have to second-guess censors' concerns about that kind of imagery.
Using automotive imagery to sell a handset makes a lot of sense for, in many respects, mobile phones are replacing cars.
Mid-term elections do not normally generate such histrionic imagery.
But not all investigators agree that dream imagery originates in visual areas.
Vast tracts of tropical rainforest have been replaced by palm oil plantations for food and biofuels, satellite imagery reveals.
In other cases it is simply the spectacular, high-resolution imagery that tells the story.
As expected, participants primed with fast food imagery desired time-saving products more than their alternatives.
The imagery of these texts tends to be nationalist-heroic rather than socialist or revolutionary.
If a picture is worth a thousand words, digital satellite imagery could inspire tomes' worth of new environmental policies.
But since satellite imagery was poorer, storm intensities were underreported.
Understanding the behavior of fish will enable you to produce stunning imagery.
The status of these collared individuals was subsequently checked from the ground and from the air from using satellite imagery.
As they became more comfortable with the technology, the subjects began to rely less on such imagery to direct the cursor.
His visual imagery provided the viewer with an intimate understanding and unique perspective of his subjects.
It embeds moving imagery within the world itself, transforming what you see in a way that's visually convincing.
It's really kind of raw and has a lot of great imagery.
It also provides satellite imagery and topographical details.
KT has really been innovative with the way she's worked with moving imagery.
They conducted demographic studies with the help of satellite imagery.
One can only get an appreciation of this by looking at imagery from satellites.
Some subjects viewed low-imagery text ads, which described the delicious taste of this new snack food.
And he has a long history of putting his sophisticated theories of imagery into practice.
Widely available satellite imagery is making governments around the world awfully nervous.
But some shows have fantastic imagery: beautiful, accurate, and in incredible detail.
He believes they originate in portions of the brain that store visual memories and generate visual imagery.
Kindergarten imagery obscures a vital and complex debate.
Photographers have been manipulating imagery since the medium was invented.
Even the gods come off hipper, and enhanced by mnemonic imagery.
The futuristic computer imagery, which opens the film in dazzling fashion, took more time than expected.
High-resolution, detailed imagery of significant environmental events which are visible in remotely-sensed data.
Generally higher resolution imagery is given precedence over newer imagery.
Motor imagery is a technique widely used in learning skills.

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