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Double-click on an image to see more information about it.
Use the controls to zoom in and move around the image.
The result is an image that begins to fragment and develop artifacts, especially under conditions of low light.
Speckle, a consequence of the narrow range of light that a laser produces, degrades the sharpness of the projected image.
Some of the light then bounces back to the camera, where it is used to generate an image.
The diagnosis of malaria was the first test because it demands a high-quality image.
The image on the page would then appear to be static.
Some even scoff at the store's efforts to spruce up its image.
To see a larger zone map, click the link under image.
Watching it on television is one thing, but to have the image of a sea of rats pouring over ground you're standing on is another.
Any science student knows you have to focus a light microscope onto a sample to get a sharp image.
Click the image source to see the whole thing in its glory.
Carlson invented a six-step process to transfer an image from one surface to another using these phenomena.
In neither the left nor right eye image is there any recognizable contour or form-at all.
Researchers have found the clearest evidence yet for a superconducting state that differs from its mirror image.
Also, its fragility creates quirks and imperfections, which help make every image unique.
Right click to download a larger version of this image.
Our binocular vision combines the two views into one three-dimensional image.
To download the screensaver, click the link below the image of the screensaver.
Nothing in the picture indicates place or time, though, and neither really matters to understanding the image.
Lately, microscopy has been greatly enhanced by digital image processing.
They take on a completely empty look that challenges the image of the big muscular superhero body.
The government is serving up healthy eating advice with an image of a plate.
To me, it is an image of mystery that is both compelling and dangerous.
The deadlines listed below apply only to corporate and image advertising.
His philanthropic activity also contradicts the stock image of the greedy robber baron.
Without commentary, the image came across with purity and a sacred, ritualistic quality.
But for certain, the image in question was not originally intended this way.
Writer asks if a visual image can be built using nonvisual information.
On the modern stage a few only of the elements capable of expressing the image of the poet's conception are employed at once.
But this image strongly implies there are lots of objects out there for us to study.
Plus, the hint of detail in this image would be greatly enhanced in a deeper exposure, and that would really be incredible to see.
The satellite image in question is used by many state and local authorities to respond to weather related disasters.
The right image shows the water levels: lowest where it's hot, highest where it's cold.
The thing is, in that single image above you can't be sure if the object is a moon or a coincidentally placed background star.
As the sample flows through the microscope, each aperture captures an image.
Click on the image above to refocus on different parts.
The user can click on a nearly right image and ask to see similar pictures, repeating the process until the perfect image appears.
Data collected by the sensor array is transferred to a computer, where it is used to create an image.
The wires in the upper right of the image are piezoelectric stacks.
Click on any of the images below to launch the image player.
Image-processing software distills the models from aerial photos captured by custom packages of multiple cameras.
The laser draws an image onto the screen by scanning line by line from top to bottom.
It identifies key features of an object irrespective of their orientation, size, or how dark or light they appear in the image.
Yet this relationship masks longstanding technological and practical differences between still and moving-image cameras.
The image-based surgical-planning software lets surgeons manipulate a three-dimensional computer model of a patient's heart.
As indicated in the image below, the account number is on the second line from the top of your mailing label.
To zoom in and out, scroll your mouse up and down over the image.
Finding essence in a single image is a challenge, yet somehow our photographers manage to do it again and again.
In fact they form a kind of negative image of what made his silent movies so strange and delightful.
The image is rural but the consumption is mainly urban.
Phantom limbs and out-of-body experiences must surely tell us something about how the brain constructs body image.
He transformed his image, gave him public appeal, his charisma.
Your body image plays a role in your kids body image.
Presently, the image quality requirement is not rigorous nor does it lend itself to objective evaluation.
Click on the image to see it fade to the same scene after the devastating earthquake and tsunami.

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