illustrator in a sentence

Example sentences for illustrator

He was by profession a skilled commercial illustrator and by avocation a highly regarded amateur astronomer.
Finally, the desperate editor sent an equally desperate illustrator to search out the writer.
In some cases, the paper engineer proves to be doubly talented and serves as the illustrator as well.
For many years he even tried to put the dream of being an actor out of his head, while working as a magazine illustrator.
Children join a noted naturalist-illustrator as he spends a day observing a family of timber wolves in the wild.
All of these covers, of course, use photography as interpreted by an illustrator.
She is also the author and illustrator of activity books for kids.
He earned acclaim both as a historic and contemporary fantasy illustrator.
While cordial to each other, the writer and the illustrator never agreed on the division of labor.
Relates life experiences and influences to his work as an illustrator.
As a botanical illustrator, she presents her subjects in ways that educate the viewer, yet are artistically pleasing.
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