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In illustration b, the image is even more compelling.
Watch a video illustration of what scientists can learn from footprints.
The ability to also scan an illustration makes this information-gathering and decision-making process much more efficient.
The fact that these two asked what their final grade was is an illustration of this.
The text suggests the dog, but the illustration suggests the observer.
Memories are stored in a region of the brain called the hippocampus, shown in red in this computer illustration.
As a graphic arts center, they also thought a children's book illustration show around the holidays was timely.
To me that was a dramatic illustration of the importance of role models.
In this way scientific illustration closely mirrors the scientific process itself.
The lowdown on low-price computer illustration programs.
And of course the finished product doesn't look nearly as photogenic as the illustration in the book.
In this exercise, you will draw an illustration that captures some aspect of the article.
She had little formal education and so taught herself anatomy, geology, paleontology and scientific illustration.
Even when sales were slow, she insisted that her husband turn down commercial illustration projects and focus on painting.
It may be worth while to give another and more complex illustration of the action of natural selection.
Illustration, even of conceded truth, is rarely superfluous.
The illustration has no unimportant place in the equipment of the orator.
The one way to see cotton is to have a design concentrating the illusion and the illustration.
Model year codes are listed in the accompanying illustration.
My first step in this direction is shown in the illustration on the opposite page.
Many of these comments are simply another illustration of a basic human impulse: wishful thinking.
It was for me an illustration that points to something much more powerful and important than ease of existence and then oblivion.
Another illustration of the folly of venture socialism.
Or to vary the illustration, consider a long steel rod that is tapered toward one end.
The abstract nature of the illustration is essentially pleasing to the eye.
We have won art awards too numerous to list, and the magazine is established as a leading showcase for illustration and design.
By the way, this is an interesting little illustration of the weaknesses and also strengths of online reportage.
But the story has a sequel which forms my second illustration.
And this is a good illustration of the greedy, exploitive nature of casinos and gambling.
The illustration and design of stories has an infrastructure, too.
In the illustration above, the game asks the player to close her right eye while her mouth is scrunched up to the same side.
Here, for example, is an illustration of a horse not being a horse.

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