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Example sentences for illustrate

The drawing should illustrate the creatures' adaptations and names.
The point is that jokes can illustrate humor but not explain it.
Markets may not follow predictable, cyclical patterns, but the photographs chosen to illustrate market trends sure do.
The game is obviously intended to illustrate the problems a central bank faces.
Give students blank world outline maps and ask them to illustrate the maps with things they have learned about the polar regions.
But they illustrate internal motivation that could confound some ideas in economics.
As a group, these selections visually illustrate the artists' enunciations of their diverse and complex experiences.
After marrying, he continued to write humor and illustrate.
They will choose which stories to tell to illustrate their points.
But he also uses it to illustrate how the vividness of memory is itself a wondrous thing.
As an option, have students include drawings or diagrams to help illustrate what they are saying.
But the effort paid off with two animated movies that dramatically illustrate the effects of a cometary collision.
Each year, she edits thousands of images to select the visuals that illustrate the magazine.
It needs to illustrate that the screen is a game-changer.
They illustrate the importance of a robust civil society for post-disaster recovery.
Have students illustrate their predictions about what may happen to their local watershed in the future.
Experiments with actual groups illustrate the point.
Many diagrams and photographs illustrate specific tasks or functions.
Overblown these fears may be, but they do illustrate an important truth.
Gather magazines, books, and travel brochures which illustrate places all around the world.
To illustrate this pathology, the authors describe several case studies.
The contributors' own educational backgrounds illustrate the problem.
She captured the image as the cell crept into a pore on a laboratory filter to illustrate how cancer cells move.
The fictionalized personal profiles given above illustrate this point.
Two meetings this week illustrate this worrying development.
Hundreds of hyperlinked pages and images illustrate the traits and general biology of these groups.
Perhaps shooting stars, to illustrate economic growth.
They should then draw lines of different colors between the species to illustrate connections.
The best way to illustrate the insanity is to compare the public and private sectors.
Alternately, have them illustrate these concepts directly on their maps.
Equally important, it also served to illustrate that the effect of staring-eyes carries across a range of social behaviors.
Narrative, description and quotation illustrate a universal tendency to overfish and destroy.
Simple programs can illustrate how evolution works: the environment selects and reproduction amplifies.
It needs to stimulate the mind and illustrate the relevance and beauty of the subject.
Artists rarely get the freedom to illustrate an advertising campaign without specific requirements.
Graphical depictions of your work that illustrate what you've done.
Junior winter coats now in the stores illustrate this point.
It features this flat, among others, to illustrate points of design.
Ask your students to illustrate a tiger habitat for a zoo.
Let me quickly illustrate some of the links between food and water.
The family's experience was used to illustrate the extent of the problem caused by the malware.
To illustrate how a newspaper is made, we've broken down the process into steps.
Some of my presentations include short video clips to illustrate key points.
With a touch and a swirl, the wall can illustrate how voting in certain districts might affect the outcome of an entire state.
In any event, little could illustrate more his spinelessness.
To illustrate the acronym switch, the blog posted a picture of a bowl of miso soup.
They should also include maps and other images to illustrate their findings.
They can illustrate their sentences with pictures of the mummies.
One of the employees suggested a campaign that would involve hiring models to illustrate how a product was used.
The life-forms on these pages illustrate realistic adaptations to an environment.
Now let's have a metaphor to better illustrate the inequality.
But in a few nutshells, visa services also illustrate some of the big issues about technology and government.
The pictures should illustrate activities they would do in both areas.
Certainly there have been more than enough precedents to illustrate something so obvious.
The accompanying slides illustrate several works of art in which objects that are perfectly still appear to move.
The point of my original post was not so much to persuade, but to illustrate how un-persuasive some denier arguments can be.
The two ventures illustrate the companies' opposing views of the future of commercial aviation, experts say.
It was designed simply to illustrate this weakness, and didn't do anything else.
These examples illustrate a promising trend in urban development.
It was meant to illustrate a political point of view, not merely to inform.
He seems relaxed on stage but every so often whooshes into a blur of karate moves to illustrate a point.
The incident does, however, illustrate one consequence of the collapse of professional journalism.
The grotesque degree of hypocrisy coming from the right ought to illustrate this toxic myth.
The images below illustrate the crowding out effect pretty effectively.
The writer uses his own circle of friends to illustrate this point.
She had drawn up a fake gun permit to illustrate her desire.
The book's action takes place as a gripping series of events that illustrate each of the cases.
Their songs illustrate, but don't advance, the plot.
The sermons would be practical and funny and plainspoken, and he would use video and drama to illustrate his message.
He likes to illustrate the point with an ancient talisman of the hypnotic trade: the pocket watch hanging on a chain.
To illustrate the magnitude of the predicament, imagine a felon hunted by the police.
To illustrate this critical point, let's consider anxiety.
Let me illustrate this in a metaphor that takes out a lot of our present culture war language.
The example was chosen to illustrate this ambiguity.
Nonetheless, his advocacy of flexible rates does illustrate two of his great virtues.
No dialogue or action is needed to illustrate the atrocity of the scene.
As these and many other cases illustrate, sentences were based on false, doctored or forced evidence.

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