illusory in a sentence

Example sentences for illusory

GM foods are not made to solve an illusory food shortage.
Yet it needs but a moment's reflection to convince us that this naturalness of speech is but an illusory feeling.
Against the scale of the rebellion, these were illusory accomplishments.
And although the situation appears to change, the change is illusory.
Officials also have encouraged an astonishing urbanization boom that has made environmental gains seem modest, if not illusory.
Prominently placed in the center of the picture, it serves as a sly reminder of the illusory nature of realist painting.

Famous quotes containing the word illusory

For a man who loves power, competition from the gods is annoying. I have done away with that. I have proven to these more
At the heart of all beauty lies something inhuman, and these hills, the softness of the sky, the outline of these trees ... more
Deconstruction ... insists not that truth is illusory but that it is institutional.... more
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