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Example sentences for illusive

The labs themselves are dealing more with the illusive future than the illustrious past, though.
Thus, time and space is both traversed instantaneously as the illusive tachyon particle.
Normalcy, peace, and well being are illusive for many.
The concept is simple, yet true confidence can be so illusive.
The artist, himself, is almost as illusive and complicated as his art.
Steadily, however, producer and dramatist have worked together to make the stage as illusive as possible.
But the killer applications for personal robots remain as illusive as ever.
Think, people are so illusive that they can believe anything is happening to them.
Public perception of adults with developmental disabilities realizing learning gains often remains illusive.
The illusive search for alternative crops and value-added programs to bolster net farm income continues unabated.
Hunters will want to keep an eye out for a few illusive whitetail deer reported to inhabit the area.
However, important links between material properties and scratch resistance remain illusive.
The illusive bobcat as well as gray and red fox can be seen on occasion.
For various reasons, the enemy with whom we're now at war remains vague and illusive.
Be careful, keep your eyes open,and maybe you'll be one of the lucky ones to spot this illusive creature.
However, important links between material properties and scratch and mar resistance remain illusive.

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I could isolate, consciously, little. Everything seemed blurred, yellow-clouded, yielding nothing tangible. Her inept ac... more
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