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Since a rainbow is an optical illusion, it doesn't have an actual endpoint.
What hurts us is an illusion of knowledge that is empirically false.
He gives you illusion that has the appearance of truth.
The vanishing-edge pool creates the illusion that it could slip from its moorings and glide away.
Individual concrete pads create the illusion that they're hovering lightly above the desert floor.
In fact, it is the one illusion that makes every other perceptual illusion possible.
Self-aware, self-guiding consciousness did not exist, except as an illusion.
Moreover, they give the illusion that something constructive is being done.
Fortunately, these days the little spitfire's rarity is an illusion.
Trampling could even create the illusion of ancient sites where none really existed.
Squeezable margarine instead of real melted butter adds to the ready-to-eat illusion.
To the north, amid icebergs riding the ocean currents, was the red mirage ship-except this was no illusion.
No mere optical illusion, it was an existential revelation that would inspire his later scientific work.
Mirages dance over the valley, making it seem that the green plants shimmering below are merely an illusion.
It creates the illusion of forward movement but imparts no progress toward an idea or a position.
Although understandable, their silence perpetuates the illusion that these conferences are a legitimate academic activity.
They only advertise because they have to in order to maintain the illusion of fairness.
The pursuit of purely technical truth has proved an illusion.
Exceptionalism, then, is a relative thing-a powerful illusion that seems to well up naturally.
With no illusion of faculty governance or tenure, the lunatics don't run the asylum.
They give the illusion that they can look in from the outside and solve problems in education.
In cutting off, the one thing you do have to give up is the illusion of a happy, loving family.
If it has any basis, confidence comes from achievement, not illusion.
The researchers showed two groups of people a visual illusion.
Indeed, pain itself is an illusion, a phantom in the brain.
But it might be a good enough illusion for computer scientists to exploit.
Cynicism about the regime's intentions is so entrenched that few observers see this as more than an optical illusion.
Sceptics retort that the calm of markets is an illusion caused by benign economic conditions and excess liquidity.
The sequence of ear-catching new formats created an illusion of prosperity that fuelled the record companies' taste for excess.
Officials are under no illusion that this will prevent recession.
As for ethanol, the senator is under no illusion that scrapping the subsidy is a solution to the deficit problem.
For example, people often do not resist advertising, because they have the illusion of invulnerability to its effects.
For understandable reasons, though, the world has clung to the illusion of certainty and exactness.
But it is an illusion that taxpayers can avoid pain in a guaranteed system.
He points out that plenty of research has been done into another kind of bodily illusion, phantom limbs.
Some elements within the yakuza operate openly, lending the police an illusion of control.
Try as they might, economists cannot succeed in teaching people about money illusion.
The mystical world of magic is on display at this fascinating museum of illusion.
Mismatched panels create an optical illusion on this dress.
With its tests and judgments and results it produces an illusion of certainty agreeable to our weakness of faith.
Strictly speaking it is not justified, for it consists in the destruction of an illusion.
They represent gentlemen and they produce the illusion.
The one way to see cotton is to have a design concentrating the illusion and the illustration.
There was no concealment, no delicacy, and no illusion about it.
The misinterpretation is not an illusion, but-if you will-an excuse.
As with earlier techniques, the illusion requires specially-created content to start with.
We consciously do not perceive it, only getting the result, hence the illusion of being single-threaded.
There is only an illusion that the vehicle accelerates faster-than-light.
However, that is also an illusion, with the exception of certain games and scientific or engineering applications.
But it could be finite, merely giving the illusion of infinity.
Notice that the illusion works only from a specific vantage point.
Mostly this feels much the same as the phantom limbs of amputees-an illusion, from which sensations sometimes emanate.
When they think they're doing something about it, it may be an illusion.
Yet questions remain about why the illusion happens.
Also, perhaps dark matter is an illusion that is simply due to the gravity of photons.
And yet, as the nineteenth century wore on, emancipation increasingly appeared an illusion.
Say that reality is an illusion projected from lower dimensions.
One way to test this is to see whether the pain illusion disappears when wide-area summing of the two sensations does not happen.
It can make a thumb twitch, create the illusion of a flash of light, or even treat depression.
It's the fear that personal responsibility will vanish if free will is shown to be an illusion.
There's a perspective that you're using computers and their doing a better job, but that's an illusion.
Now, a trio of scientists has shown that this effect is an illusion.
My brain produces a continuing illusion of taste on the right, because it's continuing to get touch signals there.
Some specific stimulus response systems are re-animated, but this is an illusion of bodily life, not an actual case of life.
Minutes before guests arrive, she sautés pine nuts in oil to release a heavenly aroma and the illusion of home cooking.
Most cemeteries replace the illusion of life's permanence with another illusion: the permanence of a name carved in stone.
Yet it may suffer, as only an awards-season movie can, from the illusion that pain and art are the same thing.
The narrator is not sure if this actually happened, or if it was an optical illusion.
The shattering of an illusion, or the grip of a prejudice, is not enough to give someone standing in court.
In reality, debt-ceiling votes merely perpetuate the illusion that balancing the budget is easy.
For them, there was no glee, no illusion that the lost had been returned.
Nobody is under the illusion that literature can change the world.
Deficit spending gives the illusion that the laws of economics can be repealed.
They were a perfect example of the guard-dog illusion.
The leader himself-with his lady and his loyal dog-soldiers on, in an atmosphere of disconnection and illusion.
The idea that one could use it to predict the future, still more to avoid past mistakes, was pure illusion.
It argues that such a defense is an illusion and a fraud.
But no, it's an illusion, presumably deliberate on the part of the photographer.
To some extent this is an illusion: films are edited, after all.
The prospect of the duel offers the brief illusion of harmony restored-which is why he felt good about himself.
Everything is fake, but the tourists enjoy the illusion that they are experiencing another world.
However, someone has to win and remain imprisoned in the illusion of glory.
The notion that it might all have turned out otherwise if only one had chosen to behave differently is an illusion.
And she wanted to give an illusion of holiday to the work of her marriage.
It is a place of many voices, where the unified singular self is an illusion.
What matters is the illusion of reality, the ability to summon up ghosts.
The illusion of painless cost control confronts another serious problem.
But the illusion was brief, shattered by the mere touch of a single white flake--ash--singeing exposed skin.
Deep immersion in a task--no distractions, no interruptions--can give the illusion that time itself is receding.
We have a faulty risk management system that underestimated probabilities while giving people the illusion of understanding them.
There is no point in sustaining the illusion that the market has to rise the way it did over the last several years.

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