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But they have yet to replace the everyday incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs illuminating our homes.
A/V equipment was part of the set up too with appropriate controls for lighting levels and illuminating specific spaces.
Lights glow in the planting bed, illuminating brushlike desert spoons and brilliant bougainvilleas.
He provides illuminating discussions of modularity in musical processing-currently a hot debate topic.
Certainly there is no shortage of mysteries in that area that need illuminating.
Further, his description of the application of experiment to answer archeological questions is illuminating.
Surprising findings, such as those reported in this paper, can certainly be illuminating.
Seeing the connections between our conditions is illuminating.
Nor is the existence of beauty any more illuminating as regards divinity.
There are dozens of illuminating moments in these narratives told from the vantage point of participants and witnesses.
But it is more illuminating to think of them as stars in the sky, scattered more or less at random over a vast canvas.
It was an illuminating experience for me, which has stayed with me my whole life.
Weak rays of sunshine filter through the skylight, illuminating student drawings and paintings on the walls.
But a comment towards the end of the piece was illuminating in a shocking, altogether different way.
New findings from brain studies and genetics are illuminating the causes of this ancient affliction.
Less publicized, but perhaps more illuminating, was an answer she gave shortly after.
Now new research is illuminating how this works at the molecular level.
The experience is simultaneously unsettling, illuminating, and empowering.
Lower frequencies are a light bulb, illuminating a wide circle.
The answers returned to some of the questions gave an illuminating idea of the intelligence of those answering them.
No scheme of thought, no interpretation of life became for him a complete and illuminating experience.
The perspectives of others here have been illuminating.
Sometimes it can be illuminating to turn a situation on its head and ask how it might be resolved.
Some of it is really good and illuminating in so many ways.
Then the ranger lights a match and the tiny dot of light magically spreads, illuminating a circle of astonished faces.
However, when the conventional light bulb is compared to an energy efficient type, the difference can be illuminating.
With car headlights illuminating the blacktop stage, the sport bike riding crew was putting on an amazing display of stunt riding.
Rather, the programme topically examined several different interpretations and did a fine job illuminating some distinctions.
Nor is this the only example of science illuminating the true role of perfumes.
He is at his best illuminating the economics of small things.
Alas, the book is neither exciting nor illuminating.
Whether he is writing about circadian rhythms or the physics of sunsets it is done with a light hand, but an illuminating one.
But he has delivered an illuminating study of an evolutionary marvel.
It is illuminating to view these images now, when tabloid photography has become no less garish and closer to ubiquitous.
His particular gift is to encapsulate complex historical and biographical events pithily and in an illuminating context.
There are two defences, which it is hoped might be illuminating rather than actually defensive.
The signal beam can be recreated by illuminating the medium with a beam identical to the original reference beam.
But the results were more than seasonally illuminating.
The approach proves illuminating for the overtly political plays.
But what it lacks in consistency it makes up for in illuminating history.
It was interesting-and wonderfully self-illuminating-to get quizzed and grilled at such a deep level.
These books make stimulating and illuminating reading.
Sometimes military scuttlebutt can be illuminating even when it is wrong.
The entire report is chock full of illuminating graphs.
Also be sure to read the latest inspiring, heart-breaking and illuminating testimonials from the jobless.
That's not to say fundraising reports aren't illuminating.
Well-done economic history is often far more illuminating.
He synthesized these fascinating insights in an illuminating and refreshingly hopeful guide to our shared tomorrow.
Illuminating a murky situation because you understand it better than almost anyone.
He eagerly anticipates illuminating viewers to the mysteries of the ocean.
It's been an exciting, illuminating, brain-bursting couple of days.
Moonlight, dawn light and fog-filtered daylight suffuse this anthology, illuminating scenes of delicate natural beauty.
Such carefully planned research yielded illuminating results.
But they also need to constantly remind themselves that it is a blunt tool, often as confusing as it is illuminating.
Burger's successors get a similarly illuminating treatment.
New ocular implants are already illuminating colors and shapes, and promise to become far better.
The term refers to wasted light that goes up into the sky instead of illuminating the ground.
Maybe, but no particularly illuminating thought comes to me at the moment.
Their illuminating and provocative dialogue is excerpted below.
Illuminating as that map and the field trip itself were, though, there was no flash of insight on the ice sheet.
But when an allusion is apt-and even illuminating-it deserves credit even from the knowing.
But what he has unearthed turns out to be no more than a reshuffling of the various files, neither new nor illuminating.
There is an illuminating discussion of two pictures of morality and politics.
Once past the laborious prologue, it is generally good fun and often illuminating.
The findings build on a growing number of clues illuminating blast-related brain injury.
Fluorescent light shines from below, illuminating that reaction, which is captured by a camera.
First, here's an audio file of the panel, which was both entertaining and illuminating.
Once you know this, it can be illuminating to watch people compulsively press the door-close button.

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