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Though invisible in normal light once it has hardened, this adhesive glows yellow when illuminated by a beam of ultraviolet light.
By hiding the circuitry behind the pixels, a backside illuminated sensor gathers much more light.
The restaurants, the streets and boulevards were brilliantly illuminated for popular dances.
Position where it will be illuminated by late-afternoon sun.
These same family cars will also have the illuminated handles.
The dream of cloaking research is to hide an object illuminated by visible light.
Small illuminated miniatures with diminutive landscapes and teensy figures.
The truck and its surroundings are illuminated as the explosives are triggered.
But remember all you'll get is illuminated poor instead of darkened poor.
Theoretically, highways could be illuminated only when there are cars on them.
Illuminated in the beams were thousands of small white objects, sparkling and spiraling, unlike anything seen on other nights.
Frogs, in tests with illuminated panels, show a preference for blue and it appears that color vision is common in amphibians.
Even if my viewpoint doesn't move much, the scenery from the vantage is usually dramatically illuminated.
They illuminated the chamber using a second, standard low-power laser, enabling them to see and measure any droplets produced.
At left is a window with the top light illuminated indicating normal mode.
We face a shadowy, empty-looking building illuminated by a dim blue light over the entry door.
By looking at it from the side, you can determine if the two sides of the screen are equally illuminated.
The aircraft took off in the dark with the runway illuminated by truck lights.
Visitors gazing up at the whale will see the hall's restored original skylights, now illuminated by artificial lighting.
Illuminated touch sensitive controls make night use a cinch.
The windmill and tulips were illuminated by my flash and building lights far away.
Stark, modern decor offers a pleasing contrast to the illuminated castle across the river.
Non-back-side illuminated chips have all the junk on top, where it impedes the light.
The place comes alive at night, and there is no better time to tour the illuminated city than during the holidays.
Red and yellow disco lights illuminated masked, shy faces.
Crafted questions in a way that illuminated while getting himself out of the way.
Motte waves his illuminated arms up and down while the camera looks at him through the water in an aquarium.
Also, please keep your seat belt fastened when seated, even if the seat-belt light is not illuminated.
To the outside world he was a jovial, talkative and incandescent personality who illuminated a room and fired imaginations.
They were arranged down the center of the table and dramatically illuminated by gold and silver candelabra.
Each night, illuminated, it shone over the smoking debris as they kept digging.
The red theme continues with a red-illuminated instrument cluster and red overhead and footwell lighting.
The researchers reasoned that this targeted infiltration ensures that nothing but tumors are illuminated.
My task was to consider a series of investment options that were presented on a small illuminated screen over my head.
Their manuscripts are digital scans of the body, illuminated into images so startlingly vivid that even scientists stop and stare.
He placed it back in the burner, and immediately a brilliant horse-shoe of golden light illuminated the globe.
The illuminated sign permit must reflect the current wording on the illuminated sign.
Lights for externally illuminated signs shall not be ground-mounted.
The fraction of the moon's disk that is illuminated is decreasing.
Illuminated signs, billboards, and marquees require an additional permit that must be renewed annually.

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