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Yet even when the disease is caused by the same mutation, it can provoke dramatically different degrees of illness.
Across the country, people with severe mental illness live what appear to be normal, successful lives.
Advanced dementia has often been treated as an amalgamation of symptoms in the aging, rather than a deadly illness in itself.
The evidence is mounting: mental illness might be caused by microbes.
Severe, chronic mental illness was viewed as relatively rare.
The study of human illness depends on bloated rodents.
Most suffer from drug or alcohol addiction, mental illness or both.
So sometimes the treatment was worse than the original illness.
Also features extensive exhibits on the history of the treatment of mental illness.
The authors explain that the links between illness and economic loss are complicated.
Rumors spread that the music itself could cause mental illness.
Staffing shortages due to illness would increase that dramatically, creating backups.
If that turns out to be so, it will affect the understanding and treatment of mental illness.
Fame only made dealing with her mental illness that much more stressful and put her under more pressure.
Poverty, corruption, illness are all part of the story.
Characteristically, no announcement was made as to where she had gone, or whether her illness was serious.
Today, the illness has become chronic and manageable with the use of effective multi-drug treatments.
The water is said to ward off illness for the rest of the year.
The ailment isn't an illness in the traditional sense.
Keep the potato salad cold, or hold at room temperature for no more then four hours to prevent any illness.
But this pat explanation obscures a lingering paradox of depression, which is that the mental illness is extremely common.
The same goes for missing cats or cats suffering from illness.
He was not the first doctor to witness the strange illness.
Society has also shifted its view of the causes of mental illness.
To him, every mental illness stemmed from a physical defect in the brain.
Severe mental illness alone is not generally enough to cause violent behavior.
Placebos work if the illness is psychosomatic in nature, but if the illness if real, it will not work.
The uncertainties of a chronic illness can include job insecurity.
But instead of discovering life-preserving elixirs, the emperor contracted a fatal illness.
Conversely, common lore is that when the body gets chilled, it is more vulnerable to illness.
Some are stoic about illness and have to be watched for small signs of pain.
Mental illness was closely correlated with physical symptoms that were a consequence of glandular action.
Pleading illness, he did not attend the surrender ceremony.
Studies suggest the genes you inherit can affect the chances of developing the illness.
They had no doctors and medical science was in its infancy in any case, so they had no way of diagnosing their illness.
It faced illness, crowds, and high winds that delayed its climb.
When it can't flow freely, the body is prone to illness.
When the chicken is slaughtered, the harmful bacteria contaminates the meat, and can end up causing illness in whoever eats it.
He never published a word about his own mental illness.
Usually the illness lasts from three to six days, and people recover quickly.
Psychopaths don't exhibit the manias, hysterias, and neuroses that are present in other types of mental illness.
The city was an example of what happens when absolute political power, money, and mental illness are combined.
Her illness has many shifting names and ambiguities.
Tells about nineteenth century artists and their ability to transcend their illness to create art.
In totalitarian regimes, dissidence is treated as a mental illness.
No one had foreseen the illness that brought my father down.
She suddenly thought that perhaps her illness was due to exposure to insecticide.
They were rarely given a thorough evaluation for addiction, mental illness, or other typical afflictions.
Tells about the dangers faced by merchant mariners: accidents, injuries, illness at sea.
And his staff was said to be angry that his illness was being blamed.
The illness that annihilated her sight and hearing, and left her mute, has never been diagnosed.
Mildred died of a lingering painful illness, towards the close of the seventh century.
It did in medical circles, but depression wasn't anything that anyone ever talked about as an illness.
He's been in a nursing home for five years now, since illness made it impossible for him to remain at home with his parents.
They followed him secretly, outed him to his family and persecuted him for his illness.
Consumers are reminded that properly storing, handling and cooking eggs should help prevent food-borne illness.
For maladies as common as influenza, the best strategy against illness is vaccination.
Illness is the night-side of life, a more onerous citizenship.
And his mental illness meant that his power to control the brush varied.
The excesses of his works were read as the symptoms of his illness.
The only thing he seemed to be suffering from was the boredom from having to fake illness on a beautiful spring afternoon.
Brady also avoids the trap of arguing whether or not someone with a mental illness is responsible for his actions.
Drugs that alleviate symptoms of mental illness in mice often wind up producing human treatments.
What they didn't know is how this feeling begets illness.
Then he heard of a radical new treatment for mental illness: drilling into the skull and disconnecting the frontal lobe.
During the last three decades, mental illness has been literally cast into the streets.
Lee has investigated the use of metabolic-rate measures for the early diagnosis of serious illness.
We must be truly tackle mental illness on a family, community, and society level.
Mice that were infected with bird flu and three days later were injected with the treatment exhibited no symptoms of illness.

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