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Loggers also destroy silky habitat when they cut down, illegally, valuable rosewood trees.
We took out tens of thousands of cars that used to park illegally on the sidewalks.
They were not listed on the manifest and thus imported illegally, but all the same they were only farm machinery.
The clear implication being that these fossils must therefore have been collected or exported illegally.
Money spent possibly unwisely, probably illegally, and certainly hastily-Times.
But that makes the nests vulnerable to poachers who illegally harvest the eggs.
Guarding long-buried treasure, a monitor at a dig site looks out for thieves who illegally remove fossils for sale to collectors.
Others spread rumors of illegally-released animals or dogs run wild.
But for years, some diamonds have been sold illegally-with devastating results linking to war, blood and brutality.
Far more ominous are the explosives and weapons illegally entering the kingdom.
These playful birds are popular pets, and many are illegally trapped for that trade.
Nearby, a fifty-yard-long wall of illegally felled logs gives a sample of the scale of the timber poaching.
We could ask the same about trees cut down illegally around the world.
Stories are rampant about administrators' illegally renting out office space and professors' trading bribes for grades.
And publishers could eliminate the used-book market and reduce incentives for students to illegally download copies as well.
Music companies have pushed colleges to turn over the names of students who illegally download songs without paying for them.
If you have been terminated illegally, you should seek a lawyer.
Any dealer who knowingly sells stolen animals to research laboratories is acting not only illegally but also immorally.
My friend parked illegally and called me on his cell phone.
The office receives about ninety complaints a year about mines that have drainage problems or that illegally discharge effluent.
It says that the company wasn't merely allowing people to gamble illegally but also stealing money from its customers.
People do move across national borders, legally and illegally.
Yet those who lose their jobs may also lose their permits, forcing them either to return home or to stay illegally.
Wild animals are often killed illegally for bush meat.
Anyone who is looking to cross into a different country illegally puts his or her life at risk.
But despite the myriad variations, one common trait is that it is almost always sold tax-free and therefore illegally.
The practice of illegally setting fire to protected land to get it re-zoned for development has also triggered forest fires.
People who are suspected of trading media illegally are sent warnings.
Of those who do, perhaps half are hooked up illegally.
In some villages half the working-age population works abroad, practically all illegally and with poor pay.
Carrying a gun illegally will be punished with jail.
About a third of the country's brokerage houses were raided and accused of acting illegally.
But half the immigrants are there illegally, and are therefore particularly badly paid and poorly treated.
The regulators have levied a few million dollars' worth of fines over illegally felled trees and declared themselves satisfied.
Whether they stop doing it on not will not change the fact that any evidence gained illegally can't be used.
Methamphetamine is used as a stimulant to increase the physical activity and also illegally used for euphoria and elation.
They illegally use pictures to enhance their articles or blog posts and often earn money in the process.
There he was sent to prison for no reason but under the pretext of crossing the borders illegally.
He was eager at that point to give away the memorabilia that he would later be accused of selling for petty cash, illegally.
The main investigation concerned a company that was suspected of illegally manipulating currency markets.
The shacks are illegally built on unoccupied public or private land.
Once, he was cited for playing music too loudly, another time for driving a car with illegally tinted windows.
There are plenty of places to find software to illegally crack the drm.
These workers are mostly immigrants, many of them in the country illegally.
It is poachers or those hunting illegally who are destroying the ecosystem.
But a huge amount of illegally obtained cash will never be turned in.
Wildlife officials are up against a hunting season where for every animal killed legally, there's another one killed illegally.
All those canadians coming illegally over the boarder, causing the land to subside and the apparent water table level to raise.
And some charities have been misused in the past as fronts for illegally laundered money.
Most were sentenced to approximately a year in prison for illegally entering the country.
Obviously, no ivory should be sold, legally or illegally.
The charges were dropped when a judge ruled that the jury had been illegally selected.
We call upon the police to cease these illegal actions immediately and to release the people who have been illegally detained.
The answer emerged swiftly: drilling companies had been illegally dumping wastewater in the region, turning it into brine.
Illegally, one snorts ketamine because the fuzziness lasts half an hour and doesn't produce bourbon's four-Advil hangover.
It can be done legally or illegally, through personal effort or inheritance or marriage.

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