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Many will tell you that students are ill prepared for the demands of higher education.
The whale appeared to be ill from wounds that became infected as the rope dug into its skin.
Researchers uncover gene mutations that contribute to disease by screening the genomes of thousands of healthy and ill people.
He became ill and disabled and spent the last years of his life in an insane asylum.
In some cases engines have even fallen off with no ill effect.
As a result the city was ill prepared for the unexpected quake.
The day after an awesome tailgate party, you feel deathly ill.
That's a better plan of action than feeling uncomfortable and it could potentially defuse the situation without ill feeling.
Over the centuries, society's approaches to treating the mentally ill have shifted dramatically.
How many of those workers will become ill is difficult to foretell.
The soldiers are ill trained and chiefly preoccupied with finding food and shelter.
Humans have a natural aversion to those who are ill.
The act of mating with a species other than your own may not be as ill advised or peculiar as it seems.
Thousands more are turned away, deemed too ill to survive that operation and out of options.
The world is aglow with dire headlines about energy consumption and its ill effects.
The practice of the time when people were seriously ill.
Most evidence suggests ill effects from violent video games.
He told his children that it looked as if rain were on the way and went to bed, feeling ill.
But this power to do good may also be a power to do ill.
Temperature extremes have been known to have an ill effect on populations' health and mortality rates.
S aureus is a common bacterium-about a third of us carry it around without ill effect.
As small animals ingest that algae, they ingest that toxin, doesn't appear to have any ill effect on them.
Ill making viruses are a variation of a normal and healthy process.
Our society is seriously mentally ill with respect to hemp.
If there was ever a moment of ill-preparedness, this was it.
If you were susceptible or ill or had friends who were ill, you felt incredibly scapegoated and vilified.
In the blogosphere, entrenched partisans regularly snipe at each other with ill-mannered fury.
The troll squashes an ill-fated automobile in his left hand.
The thing is, people have this weird thing about thinking that the brain cannot be ill or in need of help.
Larger marine mammals and ducks, meanwhile, suffered ill effects because their prey was contaminated.
By labelling someone mentally ill this deprives of the confidence to help themselves.
Drug addiction exacts a variety of ill effects on a user's health.
Being ill, particularly being chronically ill, is expensive.
Clearly there is some trade-off between the number of mentally ill people who are detained and the homicide rate.
But that is a long time for seriously ill patients to wait.
Shadow economy does not mean ill-gotten gains here, but legal economic activity that is not taxed.
But modern warfare does not require armies of ill-trained conscripts.
It is possible to eat three of them in one sitting without suffering any ill effects.
One evening her door was unlocked and she was in bed ill, they came back, grabbed her bag and took all her money.
She mourned him until she was ill from grieving and when she recovered another match was arranged.
The third summer after they moved, her brother and sister grew ill and died.
Soundlessly, my jaw moved up and down, as if adjusting an ill-fitting set of false teeth.
Unhappily, the governors have been ill served by the report.
Though they admit their words were ill-chosen, they don't quite reject the equation of education with political proselytizing.
She is a conniving and totally ill-prepared administrator who has absolutely no people.
Behavior that may be brilliant in academic debate is more likely to create ill will when directed toward friends and colleagues.
No possibility at all that the program and scheme is wrong headed and ill conceived.
To many times great ideas are dismissed as the work of ill conceived minds with no central focus.
Kids' fights never went too far, which is extraordinary when you consider how ill-controlled children's tempers are.
Its an interesting predicament given our current financial atmosphere and past decade of ill-performance.
Safety tests in rabbits have shown no ill effects, meaning research will continue.
None of the patients involved in the trial suffered any significant ill effects.
The effect works best over a narrow range of viewing angles, so it is ill suited to television or cinema screens.
In fact diff services are required according to this and ill explain.
They are thus ill-adapted for lower-quality coals that would produce several times more slag.
For ill patients, breakthroughs in tissue-engineered organs can't come soon enough.
The doctrine that the world was created is ill-advised, and should be rejected.
What ill add or you didnt add is that everything goes through time at a different pace.
While she shows no ill effects, he says he watches her, and he worries.
After this only mentally ill physicists will listen to anything which uses relativistic mechanics.
And even though there weren't obvious ill effects in the first six months of treatment, that doesn't mean there won't ever be any.
Viruses may cause disease but some can fall ill themselves.
Smokers are more likely to die or become seriously ill from a flu or other viral infection than non-smokers are.
Targeting a single neuronal system is probably doomed to the same ill fate as the failed diets themselves.
It turns out that this was an ill-considered decision.
The patient was becoming ill and then abruptly getting better.
When someone is mentally ill, you don't take it personally, and you don't taunt them back and mock them and gang up against them.
But local grids are ill-suited to distributing energy from the alternative sources of tomorrow.
Progressives are about preventing hardship and ill-behavior.
But from that standpoint as well, they seem ill-advised.
So having an ill opinion of this blog because it is a blog and not a scientific review is.
If you listen at a hole, you will hear ill of yourself as well as others.
It is easier to prevent ill habits than to break them.
Such procedural traps and labyrinths are particularly challenging for the country's many illiterate and mentally ill inmates.
Too many wars have been launched on the basis of ill-defined future threats.
Many of us admire the philosophy and deplore the ill temper.
But the struggle left a considerable amount of ill will and mistrust between the veterans and myself.
It came into a world that midwived it with difficulty and was ill disposed to bless its growth or trust in its possibilities.
But the fact that they are managing to operate at all bodes ill for the government.
Sitting on the panel, the rumpled, unshaven idol starts looking a little ill at ease.

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