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But the canine expert also has critics who call his methods old-fashioned, cruel, and ignorant.
It is much easier to educate the ignorant than it is to stop them from earning a living so they can eat.
Do it, and speak up to other people who are ignorant.
Ignorant of its cause and paranoid of the air itself, medieval society quickly descended into panic and mayhem.
Please don't be as ignorant, and continue to reinforce the stereotype that has been cast upon us for our entire history.
Two, a great many of us are at risk for the backlash by the ignorant.
Ignore ignorant comments and press on, thus not feeding the trolls.
It seems that the more ignorant you are, the more confident you are of your results.
The single-minded, uniformed secular mindset is equally as ignorant and unrealistic.
Maybe stop being so ignorant and do a bit of research yourself into evolution.
Scientists should not intervene and allow the sixth extinction to run its course, accelerated by ignorant selfish humans.
So to say it harms the environ and call for its ban is plain ignorant.
Any ignorant idiot can use sarcasm to express a negative reaction.
Go read and learn before you spew out ignorant theories.
Strangely, individuals also seem to have the right to choose to remain ignorant.
Too ignorant to even consider there may be other causes for people hearing voices from the box.
Whether you believe or not that humans are causing global warming, it is still highly ignorant to accept the current situation.
People seem to be rather ignorant about the topic of genetics.
Maybe it seems that way to you but there are many definitions of ignorant.
What is simply ignorant is not conducting a personal test for results.
How about your own kids being raised by such an ignorant and ill-informed parent.
Some evidence suggests that those who are ignorant or naïve are subject to manipulation by a loud, opinionated minority.
They want their customers to be ignorant of how their apps work.
The less connected people are, the more ignorant of and alienated from politics they are likely to be.
However, the sharia panic crowd still occasionally rears its ignorant head.
Nobody needs to hold anything above another here, there are a lot of ignorant people from all walks of life and culture.
Make sure consequences are known and that they outweigh the risk of falling into ignorant or stupid behavior.
Many of those advocating more access are well meaning and have pure motives, but they are ignorant of the evidence.
And unless you've seen someone die of cervical cancer, wouldn't talk about the disease in such an ignorant, sarcastic way.
Well, there's no underestimating how ignorant people are in the world of business.
To ignore this fact is to be purely and willfully ignorant.
And the bold type in the above quote is an ignorant statement.
Your article has no point unless your goal was to come across as whiny and ignorant.
If the ignorant public only looked at the science, he argues, there wouldn't be such a fuss.
They were wrong to rebel, but they were not wicked, only ignorant.
At best, they would arrive as uprooted foreigners, ignorant of the language and the mores that compose their new culture.
But also so that journalists can't accuse me of being ignorant.
He that was never acquainted with adversity has seen the world but one side and is ignorant of half the scenes of nature.
Such an argument was familiar enough and could only alarm the ignorant.
To be conscious that you are ignorant is a great step to knowledge.
It is as fitting that the soldier should be ignorant of some things, as that he should know others.
In part they were ignorant of this overhauling, and in part they were indifferent to it.
Science, being the wonder of the ignorant and unskilful, may be not absurdly called a monster.
Their ignorant foolish mothers did not know this, and therefore they wept without comfort.
In their ignorance, they often tolerate ignorant news reporters who in turn tolerate ignorant politicians.
That's why she has grace-she's ignorant of many things but not of her limited chances.
He has an ability to seem wise and ignorant at the same time, as if he were not really narrating the stories he narrates.
Before a jury, then, a firm is better off being ignorant than informed.
The subject and the inside experimenter are kept ignorant of these targets.
Yet her physicians were either unconcerned about or ignorant of the variety of medicines she was taking.
It is often unreliable because many of the authors are ignorant or careless.
These were important children, since even for the purposes of salvation the ignorant and unlettered were not encouraged.
Saying people are ignorant without proof shows your ignorance.
They should shut down small operators who use the tests to prey on the ignorant or unwary.
When people are ignorant, fear can be used as a powerful tool to manipulate them.
Consequentially, to be mortal the being must be somewhat ignorant to the design of her own being.
It is notorious how chemists and material scientists are generally ignorant about limiting quantum probabilistic events.
So that you will not be called ignorant, learn something a little bit about state of charge.
He did physics way better than any of his stupid ignorant successors.
Perhaps whoever it was was an ignorant pawn, simply someone asked to mail a few parcels.
Nuclear non-proliferation depends on keeping bad actors ignorant and denying them supply.
Next in line should be the commanding officers who overlooked or were ignorant of what was happening.
Much of the duff information came from ignorant sales people and junior staff.
Those who claim gold has no value are simply ignorant.
As depressingly usual, your writer is miserably ignorant of the topic under discussion.
As my father always said, ignorant well intentioned people are the scariest of all.
Not only outsiders but often confirmed believers are appallingly ignorant of church etiquette.
Ignorant but curious, and eager for a primer in sound and pictures, with a guide who knows my tastes and limitations.
Most people are understandably ignorant of the sport.
In theory, you could simply be ignorant about the facts.
Anyone repeating those two claims marks themselves are ignorant of basic facts.
He makes people feel good about their ignorance, and he gives them his blessing to remain forever ignorant.

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